Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wth were they thinking about WTF?

So apparently last year due to us "darn text savvy kids", license plates with WTF have a brand new meaning, well not so brand new for the rest of us.
Anyways, somebody told their grandmother what her license plate stood for in the text messaging world. Appalled, she went and complained to her DMV in North Carolina. Who in turn, where appalled to hear what their license plates meant. So then the DMV in North Carolina offered everyone with WTF on their license plates new replacement license plates (10,000 people or so).
And it was a happy ending.
Until this week, when they learned that their sample license plate on their website had the same three horrible letters-WTF.
Of course, once again appalled, they immediately decided to remove it.

Too funny. Click on the title for the actual article.


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I'm bored, thought I'd read some old ones of your guys'.

HA HA HA WTF? Funny. I'd pay to see my grandma go into a DMV to complain about that: "Um sonny, my grand babies are sayin' there's curse words on my plates".