Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So my first post of my very first blog. I wonder if I'm doing this correctly (I'm slightly technologically challenged)
So last night rabujee and me (or I, for those who have to be grammatically correct) were discussing creating a blog and what its name and my display name should be. After a couple of hours, and annoying headaches, we just gave up. But due to some unknown force I found a blog created under my gmail account using some of the ideas we discussed(this very blog, though I did make changes to it). Of course my friends claimed innocence, and I know I didn't do it. But someone out there is having a good laugh with messing with my mind and entering my gmail account. And I hope they have a good laugh, until I find out who they are...

(Oh and I begin this in the name of God, the most gracious the most merciful. Amen)


Constructive Attitude said...

Yay for your first post on your very first blog!

Anonymous said...

So musilims believe in god? That's so great! I'm just loving your blog more and more (I'm christain btw;)