Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Explain the title please???

Hi Everyone
For those of you who really don't get what symphonic discord means, or are wondering what we were smoking when we came up with it, this entry is specifically for you.
Let's start out with the dictionary definition of the words. (Special thanks to
  1. Relating to or having the character or form of a symphony.
  2. Harmonious in sound.
  3. Characterized by similarity of sound, as words.

1. lack of concord or harmony between persons or things
2. disagreement; difference of opinion.
3. to disagree; be at variance.

Obviously enough, the two words are antonyms of one another. So the reason for this oxymoron?
Because I decided on it. (haha I'm kidding. That's not the COMPLETE reason why)

Ok the reason WHY I decided on it is because it describes us, the authors, the best. We are all similar in many ways, united by experiences or our faith. And in this way we are harmonious, or so we at least seem to all those who can't tell us apart from one another.
(So many a times, I've been walking on campus and waved to by people I've never met.
"Hi Ayesha!
"Um Hi"
::My greeter frowns and then opens her face wide in shock::
"Oh My GOD! I'm so sorry, I thought you were somebody else"
"Haha it's okay. It happens all the time" No really, it almost does. )

But the truth is while we are related and similar in many aspects, we are all so very different from each other. While one is spazzy and chaotic, another is proper and organized, another is outspoken and strong, while another is mild and a push over. We argue, we disagree on politics, or events, whether we would marry Edward Cullens or even minor rulings in our faith.

So I present to you our symphonic discord. We will speak for ourselves, sometimes each other and sometimes for our faith. These are the voices of different muslim girls that aren't oppressed nor have "terrorist" beliefs nor are ashamed or tired of saying that we are American and Muslim, and the two are NOT oxymorons.


RabuJee said...

wow, yay. i loved it, and im excited and im really satisfied with that first post to start our blogging experience... well done missy =)

Anonymous said...

I like the name of the blog...sometimes things are so alike but so different yet it just works. Cheers to you.

thanks for inviting me!