Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Potential names

Here are some of the names we were thinking of for me and/or the blog (I don't know why most of them are oxymorons, they just happen to be more fun. )

-Expressive Silence
-Silent echo
-Silent Voice
-Voice of Silence (we decided against it since we thought that it made it seem like we are oppressed, which we are not fyi)
-Silent Vibrations (I'm so glad we steered away from the word silent. I don't know why we had that momentary obsession with that word )
-Spazz Attack (apparently this is the perfect name to describe me according to all three of the people i asked. whatever. )
-Spazzymcfazzy( Once again. Whatever.)
- wretchedvibrationsessence (it's an engineering student thing. Ask rabujee)
-green eggs n harm ( Definite NO)
-Falling up
-Perfect mismatch
-Accidentally on purpose
-vaguely aware ( You should be able to tell, at this point we were just copying words off a website we found on oxymorons)
-same difference
-Deafening silence (Headaches had kicked in)
-Minor crisis (apparently another good one for me. I don't get it. Just cuz I 'spazz' alot)
-Act naturally
-simple enigma (another favorite of mine)
-Clearly confusing
-Definite maybe
-Perplexed by you
-Hmmm (this word/sound/phrase is used way too often)
- All the cool ones got taken ( I liked this one, others didn't agree)

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Constructive Attitude said...

I think everyone's screenname thingy should be an oxymoron.