Monday, March 9, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Tagee

Dear Friends,

I was tagged a little while back by Nickie to play this game and I finally got around to finishing it!  The rules are: 1. To each letter of the alphabet, write a word connected to you. 2. Tag 6 people. 

ANNOYED. I am kinda annoyed right now.
BROKE. I am kinda broke. But not as broke as before.
CAT. I love my cat. Sigh.                       
DENTIST. I wanna be a Dentist when I grow up.
EGGS. Allergic to eggs.
FISH. My cat will eat my fish one of these days. 
GANGSTA. I'm a gangsta. A straight up G. The gangsta life is the life fo me.
HEROES. I need to catch up on Heroes. 
INTIMIDATED. I am kinda intimidated right now.
JELLO. Its alive. I made some last week. It was yummy.
KASHMIR. I wanna go visit. Sigh.
LIFEHOUSE. My favorite band ever.
MERVY. My best friend's nick name. 
NEW YORK CITY. I hate cities. But um. Yeah.
ORANGE. My favorite color. And ex color of my room.
PHYSICS. Stupidest subject in the history of subjects. 
QUEST. Um. I am on a mission right now.
ROMEO. Waiting for mine to come.. Still waiting..
SCION TC. My car. Thanks to God. I love it. 
UMBRELLA. Its been raining the last few days. I want rain boots.
VIOLENT. I used to be. Towards my siblings.
WORKING OUT. Started two months ago. Quit a month ago.
X-MAS. Don't celebrate but I like it.
ZOO. I have been wanting to go forever. Take me. 

I tag you: 

Yours for the sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen


Constructive Attitude said...

umm we ARE going to the zoo. just when the weather gets a little better. naa mean?

I seriously LOLed at the one for "F".

its like a whole diff meaning now.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Is that not only my name but a <3

Double gasp.

How will Edward ever deal with two wives?


Nickie. said...

I'm gangsta tooo!!! lol. =)

Artistic Logic said...

i wanna visit kashmir too
but im too scared to go there

provoking invoking said...

lets go vintage shopping for rain boots sometime =D

why intimidated?

also there's a ghetto indoor zoo (free) at belle isle.. you should go. i always see people going in there but i never do cause i go to belle isle to feed the swans and geese. at N, B, P, X..
and lol in general dude.

Cheryl said...

" I'm a gangsta. A straight up G. The gangsta life is the life fo me.".

I love you.

supreem said...

lol. you crack me up

Youthful Wisdom said...

I kind of miss your orange room.