Saturday, March 14, 2009


I think I hate No, i'm pretty sure I hate them. My laptop's charger sputtered and died on me two weeks ago. There are 3 computers in my house- a desktop and two laptops other than my own. I also have three siblings who live with me. AND who won't let me near their computers. I think I hate them too. Anyways, I ordered my charger from amazon, and it was supposed to be delivered last week. But last week the charger was still in New Jersey, (I was tracking its progress- it originated in New Jersey). And this week it says that they delivered it 2 days ago. Well thats just impossible because there are no inconspicuous boxes near or around my house!

So now i'm at the library, and I mean I love my township's library because they just renovated it and everything and there are a bunch of people here and the atmosphere's nice but it's a mile from my house so I walk it because a) I don't have my license :( and b) My family seems to have other priorities...sigh. But I guess it's not sooo bad, at least i'm getting excercise!

The first thing I did was go on facebook. Actually that was the second thing- the first thing I did was see if the series that i'm reading had the next book on the shelves. It did. But I can't find it, so maybe later i'll get a librarian on the case. Thats another thing, a friend of mine got me started on the the Stephanie Plum books and i swear they're soooo entertaining I can't seem to put them down! So I guess that is a recommendation, that if you like to read and you have free time- check it out :). But back to the facebook thing. Has anyone noticed that they changed the layout? I don't really mind- but my friends apparently do. On my homescreen, a friend of mine put up an article from the LA Times that was about a play titled, "Hijabi Monologues". The play was thought up and created by University of Chicago graduate students and are short vignettes about lives of hijabi girls and women. "It's taking something that is seen as very Muslim and going, well, wait, these aren't really Muslim stories," Dan Morrison, one of the founders, said. "They're human stories that everybody has experienced or will experience in their lives." So I encourage all of you to check it out, because they're different and interesting.,0,6832090.story

Lets see what else have I been musing about.. well I watched the movie Milk with a friend of mine on thursday and was thoroughly depressed. Which is funny because a week before thursday we watched Pineapple Express- which was so ridiculously funny that I think I came near to peeing in my pants a few times :D.

Ok I think thats it. Over and Out!


Mrs. Cullen said...

i miss you.

ReRe said...

thank you for stopping by!

Cheryl said...

I hate computers. What will Amazon do for me if my computer blew up?

Artistic Logic said...

im sitting outside soaking the sunshine
yea i just wanted to tell someone that
it feels

mary evelyn said...

ooooh, i love libraries. that sucks about your charger though. that's why i'm always leery about buying things online. i figure there's a 50/50 chance it'll get to me when it's supposed to.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Amazon is amazing it's just you had a bad purchasing experience. Don't blame the game just the 'away' team.

I think you pretty much hate your siblings too. It's ok we aren't programmed to love everyone.

Best of luck deary :)

Life and everything in between said...

Awesome post