Monday, March 30, 2009

Third World Car Accidents

One day while driving to school, we hit a man.

In a foreign country.

I have no sympathy for him.

Do I sound mean? I'm not.

We were driving along minding out own business, it was very early in the morning and no one was on the road. We weren't speeding or anything {my driver can be annoyingly careful at times, but I'm glad he is} when this guy somes out of nowhere.

1. First of all he was on the wrong side of the road.
2. Second, he decides to make a non-existent U-turn and enters the intersection at a crazy speed as we were crossing.

He was on a bike. We have an SUV. Good thing my driver is cautious because he wasn't speeding and was able to hit only the end of the bike. The man still fell on the ground.

In India, no matter who is at fault, the guy with the bigger car is at fault. So this guy gave himself an injury, had to have a minor operation and he filed a complaint against us. There were some witnesses who will say it was our fault because we had the bigger vehicle. There are also "witnesses" who claim to be present and say we ran into him at full speed. No one is ever on the bigger car's side.

What usually happens here is, they beat up the driver. True story. I was crying. I thought my driver was going to die. Fortunately and unfortunately the police were there so no one got hurt. But later on the police started to tell us we have to pay them or else they won't help us get out of the case.

We got the hookup with the police since we knew people who knew people at the police department and we didn't have to pay anyone. Case closed, right? Wrong.

A month ago {more than 5 months after the accident} we get a statement saying that we have to go to court and are going to be sued for $20000 {which is a hell of a lot of money in India}. Bascially, they found out we are in med school and think we'll be rich some day, saw the Michigan license plate and know we are Americans. It took them over 5 months to figure out they can try to suck money out of us.

What idiots.

Anyways, we ended up paying only $200 dollars.

I hate the system here. But whatev. This is what I get for moving to the third world.


Mrs. D Lightful said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Some things in the states we take advantage of, huh? Good luck with everything!

Mrs. Cullen said...

I am glad you are back. I love ur posts. This made me laugh and I am glad you only had to pay 200. Goodbye

LiLu said...

That's INSANE. At least it was only $200... but it's kind of the principle, yanno?

supreem said...

ummmm... if you hit me... i'd chase your car down... and key your car... but that's just me.

Falling Up said...

thanks, everyone.

Lilu and Supreem: I know it's principle and everything but we took the guy to the hospital and paid his bill and stuff. But, really, it was unnecessary for him to come back demanding more money when it was his fault.

Constructive Attitude said...

why do you all have a michigan license plate in india?

Artistic Logic said...

hahah yea beating up the driver is pretty normal
anyways you get immune to this stuff after a while

also... why do you guys have a MI license plate there?

Falling Up said...

Oh it was 2000 collars not 20000!

Annnnnd We like to represent, MI. We even have a UofM sticker. Not WSU though. Sad :(

mary evelyn said...

wow. just, wow.

but it sounds like everything finally worked itself out?

Lisa said...

I couldn't stop laughing about the Michigan license plate. Will they kill you if you accidentally knock into a sacred cow?

Falling Up said...

mary evelyn: lol. I think it worked out. Everytime I'd ask my dad he'd tell me not to worry about it. I was left out of the picture because I had exams and so my uncle was handling all of this.

Lisa: I'm not sure..but I wouldn't want to find out!

Cheryl said...

There are some crazy people living in China too. Like, why the eff would you friggn walk across the middle of the highway while I'm going at 100miles/hr? How does that even seem reasonable?

Chuckle said...

aww man if i didn't know you any better i'd say you were a mean rich kid. but i know you better so that must mean i best know better than to think that. naaa' mean?

Falling Up said...

Cheryl: I think these people do it on purpose to get money from the foreigners.

Chuckle: I see what you mean. But he wasn't injured. And it was his own dowing. Its like me jumping in front of a car and breaking my own leg and then demanding money. That's pretty much what he did.