Monday, March 16, 2009

Was there really wisdom in it?

I did the unthinkable today.

I really did.

It was slightly by impulse.

That’s right. I bought a pair of skinny jeans. *Gasp*

Yea I know. It’s so not me at all. Actually I used to always make fun of everyone wearing skinny jeans. “They’re soo ugly.” “Who would go back to the terrible 90’s?” But then I went to the mall today (after a very long time) and saw a pair of dark blue skinny jeans calling out my name. Seriously. So I tried them on and turned around and gave my tush a little smile. Maybe these aren’t so bad anyway. Maybe they do make me look skinnier.

I left the fitting room convinced. These pants were for me. Wow I sound like Carmen from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I actually liked those books.

So here I am. Sitting in my room enjoying my brand new skinny jeans. For those of you who know me it’s definitely a big deal since I didn’t even own a pair of jean up till now, let alone skinny jeans. I guess I’m just broadening my horizons as they say, or I just like looking good in my room.


Constructive Attitude said...




what has the world come to?

(i am NOT being sarcastic. I am DEAD serious!)

anonymously chic said...

score! love your skinny jeans, b/c they're awesome. i fought it for a while too, but they're really not so much 90's (those are more tapered) and they are very flattering. i hope you enjoy them:)

Artistic Logic said...


im getting some soon =)

i think

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Oh pish posh.

Get over it.

If you rock 'em, glad you bought 'em.

The '90's never had such a fad, at least in none of the 15 states i visited/lived in.

Just make sure your badonkadonk isn't all super fly and you don't have brothers eyeballing you galore. THAT'S the important part.

Rose and Jill said...

not only do I own skinny jeans (also swore I wouldn't) but I have all the sisterhood books and maybe even a movie. Shhh. Don't tell :)

Falling Up said...

lol..I have yet to get the courage to even TRY on a pair. Skinny Jeans dont look good an everything. But I have no idea how they'll look on me. Maybe I'll give it a shot. :)

Cheryl said...

... I own no skinny jeans. You must be cooler than me.


mary evelyn said...

oooh, i've been wondering if i should get a good pair of skinny jeans. i bought some awhile ago, but i don't know if i've found the "perfect pair" yet.

and why do they call them a "pair of jeans"? do you have to buy a couple at a time, or does one leg each count as "a jean"?

mind boggling.

provoking invoking said...

i have a pair of black ones, which i have yet to wear. i have a bunch of pseudo skinny jeans though... like they make my legs look skinny but they're just boot-cut or something. i'm thinking about getting rid of them in favour of baggy pants all the time... but sometimes they're all that work with what i'm wearing on top.

i want purple jeans

and good call, mary evelyn.. i have no idea why they are pairs and i never called them a "pair of jeans". just jeans. but jeans is plural.. which probably means a jean is for one leg. lol

provoking invoking said...

oh yeah! i did the unthinkable this winter for myself.

i used to laugh at people wearing ugg boots all the time, with their skinny jeans tucked in xd. i was like, yeah UGGH. and then i needed new snow boots cause my feet were freezing... and i could only afford these ones that are suede, brown and look like uggs. :( i wish i could return them for some leather sportos but its too late =(

at least you can't ever regret buying jeans! because even if you end up not wearing them, you can just cut them up and use the fabric for crafts, patching, waxing strips, and other things. =D come to think of it, thats what i did with my first pair of skinny jeans that i bought like 10 years ago.

Youthful Wisdom said...

CA- I know, right? It's okay...the world keeps changing and we all learn to just move on.
Anonymously chic- I love them very much! =D
AL- reaaally?
Perplxin- I wear jilbab so wearing skinny jeans isn't very problematic for me =D
Rose and Jill- Aren't they so good though?
Falling up- I think they're supposed to look good on everyone
Cheryl- wow that's pretty amazing seeing that you're pretty darn cool
Mary E- I was thinking that too! Maybe you're supposed to be two at a time
PI- purple jeans?? I saw that once... and definitely didn't like em. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Ew..Uggs!! They're supposed to be really soft inside though, yea?

fuelMybrain said...

You sound like I did when I finally gave in and got "bell bottoms" (now referred to as "flair") when the 70s were making a comeback in the early/mid nineties. This was after I had declared NEVER to be caught dead in them. I've now said the same thing about these skinny jeans too. And NO, you will NOT see me ever in what would resembles an ensemble from my 6th grade year. UGH... BURN THEM NOW!!!!! No, hope you look super cute (although I've yet to see anyone that does).

Mrs. Cullen said...

u always make fun of people and say stuff when they do things and then u end up doing it urself!!!!!!

supreem said...

lol!!!! you're sooo funny!!! booya! enjoy the feel of looking hot, just for yourself :) that's the best feeling... when you know you're wearing a hot outfit under your jilbab... and it gives you a boost of confidence the rest of the day. :)
embrace the 80's/90's fad!!! I miss the good ol' days