Wednesday, March 4, 2009


H2, originally uploaded by Rabujee.

As in Hummer 2...I always hated these gas guzzlers, they look and feel so obnoxious to me...and most of the time their drivers hold the same driving habits (though I should not generalize).

But yesterday I was literally bouncing in my seat when I got the privilege of driving another guzzler... an Escalade. (Controlled Chaos can attest to just how friggin' excited I was).

Okay granted, Escalades are pretty common, you're probably thinking what's wrong with her? It wasn't the car but the fact that it had a corvette engine installed and every time that thing roared to life, I like the girl that I am (*sigh* I'm sorry its just natural even though I hate doing it, most of the time the sound has already escaped my mouth before I notice).

It was my friends company car, which she gets to work on, and test out...hence the Corvette engine. I loved hearing her stories about work and I was completely fascinated (again) by the auto industry.
And at the end of it all, I was left thinking...

DAMN YOU, Whoever screwed up this economy ...for taking away my chance at an automotive career....ughy!!!!!

*shakes fist*

Its just too unstable to risk getting into as a new engineer...*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

That is all my friends.

Also, please pray that my friends job (and that of thousands and thousands of auto workers) stays secure and stabilizes. If she keeps it up, she hinted in a few months I might get to drive a corvette... Hehehehe ;)

Counting down the days, God-willing.


PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I used to love those bad boys. They were great on field trips! Who needs buses when you have spoiled Muslim families with camel caravans on wheels?!

pft. Not my Islamic school, environment schimornment.

Artistic Logic said...


Constructive Attitude said...

is there such a thing as a hybrid hummer or hummer hybrid. or whatever you want to call it.

fuelMybrain said...

Yay for you and getting to get behind a fun engine! We rented a Crossfire once, thank heavens no cops were on the open roads that weekend. I never understood the hype of fast fun cars until then, and the Crossfire is probably no where near as fast as a Vette.