Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Cutie

Dear Friends,

Exactly two years ago it was a Saturday and I was studying for a biology exam. I had been studying all day. Around 9 pm my sister received a phone call. Someone in the family was hurt. We rushed to the police station. They told us the terrible news.

Exactly one year ago I was at the cemetery with all of my relatives. We spent the day together. Because we loved each other and because it was Eid, the celebration after fasting a whole month during Ramadan. Its funny how death brings people so close together.

Exactly two years later it is a Tuesday and I went to the cemetery all alone today. Its funny how time makes people so far apart.

I recently came across a quote. It spoke of friendship and being there for someone during good times and bad. I think its the bad times that bring people together. But you'll be lucky if that togetherness stays forever..

Yours for the sake of Peace and Love,
Mrs. Cullen


erin said...

Those are some very nice thoughts, Mrs.

Hope you have fond memories of the person you lost.

Anonymous said...

It's good to be reminded now and then that it's important to appreciate our friends and family.

Thanks for posting this.

Constructive Attitude said...

I love you <3

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I can so relate...after the passing of my Dad our entire family came together in a way like never before. Nearly 3 years have gone by and some have drifted off again. Although the togetherness didn't stay forever, I'm thankful for the time I had it.

Thanks for the beautiful and thought provoking post...I'll be thinking of you today!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been 2 years already. sigh

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh that is so true! I've never thought about it that way before.

Artistic Logic said...

this post makes me think

and it makes me sad too

i liked it tho

Jaz said...

We all return to god, and it is very sad for us but it does also bring us together and help us to realise not to take life for granted.

Faith said...

It’s true but some times it is our fault we let it happen.. big families need a real effort to stay close and tight. And maybe If we didn’t always wait for something bad to happen or for the other side to take the first step to come closer, maybe we can be all together again and happy this time. Saying maybe cuz I’m guilty like every body else I always ignore what really is important and never done my part of family’s obligations :(

Cheryl said...

I love you.

Loredana said...

I believe that it's during your worse times that your true friends come together. Although they may not stay long or drift later, they were still there when you needed them most.

Margie said...

After reading this post, I'm going to call a friend I have not heard from in a while.
I am concerned about her as she has not returned my phone calls.
I want to be there for her if she is going through a difficult time now ... I have a sense things are not good.

Thank you for sharing this post ..it's quite lovely.
And I am sorry for your loss!

Blessings to you!


Kate said...

How perfect and thoughtful!

ladytruth said...

How true is that. Unfortunately. I haven't seen my best friends in a few months since we live quite far apart but still keep contact via telephone conversations of about an hour and a half. We saw each other last month at her mother's funeral. What a way to have met up again.

Little T said...

It is something you will never forget. So much loss, love and togetherness. I hope you are replacing the sadness with happy thoughts of your loved one.