Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Idiot Files

This morning I was really, extremely tired getting out of bed but somehow I managed to get myself to work. I logged into my email and found out my project supervisor wanted me to get a report to him ASAP. (I promise I do more things than just printing reports for engineers, promise).

So there I was sleepily printing out the 40 pages, organizing, stapling and all the good stuff. For some reason I felt really hungry, even though I'd just had a sandwich for breakfast. Luckily, I packed a banana with me so I peeled it and started eating. All the while, still pretty sleepy.

I'm sure you're thinking where IS this story going. Well, its going okay? I would never disappoint you (at being an idiot).

Anyways, finally I was done compiling the report and I made my way over to the other end of the office to place it on his desk. Half-way there, I ran into him in the corridor (ok, I think I should clarify I didn't literally run into him. Judging from my last idiot post, you may be confused by that and rightfully, so). Anyhow, figuratively, I ran into him and decided to hand him the report right there. Great, he saved me the trip!

So he launches into a detailed lecture about the updates on our project, throughout which I sort of zoned out (I said I was tired ok?). Just as we were departing I caught a glimpse of the report in his hands, that I had given him.

There on the back of the last page, I saw a piece of banana had stuck to the paper. A piece of freakin' banana, inches away from his finger. I must have missed it because I was so sleepy.

In a rush, I said good-bye and walked away quickly, making sure not to look back.

Why do these things always happen with my superiors?



Constructive Attitude said...


*mary* said...

Oh no!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...



Youthful Wisdom said...

LOL I love how you quickly walk away :)

Chuckle said...

at least a taco bell hot sauce wrapper isn't lodged in your throat.

imagine if your boss thought it was something other than food. like a booger? hahaha.

keep these stories coming.

Artistic Logic said...

omgg chuckle why was a taco bell wrapper in your throat?? lol

i hope he didn't think it was a booger... hahaha

soin said...

atlest u were smart enough to realise and walk away?? and u work in corporate world?? u can always blame it on someone

Heckety said...

Oh that's hilarious, excuse me while I wipe my eyes! How mortifying...why do these things happen to you? Sorry for laughing so long but....

Rabia said...

I hate those early mornings when you're really really tired, but you have to go to school/work/etc. :(

Awwww! Maybe he didn't notice it... *fingers crossed*