Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today was an AMAZING day! Even though I woke up like 30 min ago, these 30 min of consciousness have been fantastic!! On to the sweet and gushy stuff >>>>>>>>>

My Muses! These are the people in contemporary history who make me want to be more, make  me want to be better than who I am. President Obama for the ideals he embodies, for the future possibilities that could come through him. William F Buckley jr who died at 85 last year, was my secret crush when I was a little girl. He was just so brutally honest and full of charm and fun, the last great Republican ideologue who was both intelligent and ridiculous. And then there's Mika, my favorite singer, who pushes the envelope with every album he releases- he THRIVES in controversy, and it helps that his music is just so awesome !! And Rachel Maddow who is so committed to getting the least covered stories- national attention and she's just so in your face with what she believes, theres no compromise, for anyone- I admire that :)

These are all confident inspiring and entertaining people who could light up a room by just being in it, and embody the qualities that I want to possess. Who are your muses? Who are the people that inspire and move you??


controlled chaos said...

Wait i'm confused ..the last picture is a girl?
Obviously I don't know who Rachel Maddow is... sorry if i offended you. Don't hate me.

And my muses?
Too many too count.
To name a couple?
Prophet Muhammad
Ayesha his wife
Ammarah, Ayesha's student
Rabiyya Basri the well known Islamic Mystic

The list goes on, but a couple from recent years include:

My history teacher from High school
Peter Jennings
Malcolm X- very few Americans know of his ideals after he split from Nation of Islam.

provoking invoking said...

i dont know mika, but ewwwww to the others. find new muses plz

i agree with cc, and cc is my muse :D

Artistic Logic said...

you are so cute
you need to teach me these things

Constructive Attitude said...

My dad is my muse.

and the first pic makes me happy. I dont know why

Mrs. Cullen said...

I is my muse