Friday, October 16, 2009

Shut the hell up.

I dont know if this post makes sense, but bear with me.

You know when you're in despair and you're wallowing in your own pool of self pity, and then someone comes up to you and gives you a pep talk that you really cant be bothered with?

Well, I've had a lot of that lately.

I mean it's not really pep talks but more like "Get over it" or "Stop being a drama queen" or "You're an idiot" or "Why you being so emo?"

(And mostly that person that I get that from is doing the same thing as me: swimming in an ocean of self pity.)

Anyways, so I was thinking about it the other day, and I kinda appreciated that type of feedback, because even if I don't show it then and there, it's what I need.A year or two ago, that same friend and I had lunch together and had a real in depth convo about building a bridge and just getting the heck over things.

We are in misery, because we put ourselves there. No one else does. And we can get out of that misery, by just taking ourselves out of it.

Obviously it's easier said than done, and as much as I love complaining, what is that really solving?

So if I want to be the best God damn teacher, then I need to start acting like I do.

If you want to save the world, stop focusing on the scary parts and just TRY your best to do it. You'll never know how the hell it will go, if you keep worrying about the terrifying bits and don't give it a shot. And then you'll be going through your second mid-life crisis and kicking yourself for not giving it a try.

And if you want to do well in your class and on huge exams and get into a program, then start STUDYING and stop you-tubing.

If you want to prove a point, stop admitting defeat.

If you want to show that you care, then stop judging.

And if you want someone else to care, then stop being fake and weird.

So to bring this all back to me, I've come to the very obvious inference that a lot of my crap would be solved if I just:

  • stopped being lazy
  • swallowed my pride
  • ceased to fib
  • layoff caring so much
  • eliminated all worries and thoughts about change
  • attempted to make an effort
  • looked forward instead of towards the past
  • had faith in God (not that I don't, but faith in the sense that if God put me to it, he'll eventually get me through it. And to keep thinking about the fact that there is a reason why I am in the situation that I am in)

So I'm sure if you all really think about it, there is a solution to whatever it is that's making you sad/worried/upset/emotional/and furious

And sometimes, what we all just really need is a good "Shut the hell up and get over it" from someone who really, truly, deeply cares for us.


Mrs. Cullen said...


Melanie's Randomness said...

Totally. I say that to myself all the time. This post totally made sense.

provoking invoking said...

this is amazing. thumbs up.

Muslim Girl said...

If I'm feeling down for a while, I usually either have to empty myself out completely in order to get better or just get a boost to motivate myself.

I don't think I would benefit too much from someone telling me to shut the hell up lol :(

ModestJustice said...

You've just motivated me to start studying for my PSATs.

One man's anger is another man's motivation... tool?

Artistic Logic said...

hmmmm great thoughts, definitely something to think about

EmptyWords said...

I love this post... a lot

Faith said...

girl I needed that so bad..thank you :*

Youthful Wisdom said...

Excellent post! If you care enough about something you'll put enough effort into working on it ...its all up to us :)

David Kames said...

Aw that message isn't comforting at all! I want excuses for my self-indulgence and laziness, not good advice! ;-p

I'll just Youtube OK GO for a while before I do some work...

Cheryl said...

This post was totally written to me... I just know it.

Kate said...

Teaching is so hard. There is no easy or fast way to get there. I lived through a year of hell as I figured it out. If you care about the kids, you can learn the rest. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. Sometimes you need to hear, get over it and sometimes you need a hug and hear that others have been through it, it sucks the big one, and lots of others survived. You can too!
So I'm sending you a hug and thoughts that you can do it! Keep at it! It's tough, but worth it in the end!

Margie said...

Great message you have here!
It really is!


ladytruth said...

That was well said. My phone's profile is actually Build a Bridge and has been since varsity. It just reminds me to keep things real.

Loredana said...

Took the words right out of my mouth! I think I wrote a post about this a while back. It had to do with negativity and how being negative just brought you negative things and that I'm so tired of pepole not finding the silver lining in things. I don't believe EVERY horrible situation is JUST that or that every issue we're having is an issue. I believe that we mostly put ourselves through our crap and we mostly are the only ones that can get ourselves out of it. So RAH RAH to your post!!

LiLu said...

Emphasis on the "from someone who really, truly, deeply cares for us."

That makes allll the difference in the world. ;-)