Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Say What??

So I'm sitting in the library trying to finishing up some work and failing miserably. Probably because I keep feeling the excessive need to check my email every 30 seconds. I should just turn my internet off while working.

Anyhow, out of no where these loud freshmen kids come and sit at the table in front of me. At first they start talking about their classes and exams that are coming up. Then the conversation took a big turn when these two girls joined the group. Here's how it went...

Pretty girl: Hey guys!! How are you?
Buff guy: Hey girl, doing pretty good. How's it going?
Pretty girl's sidekick girl: We totally just got out of class and it was so boring. What are you guys up to?
Buff guy: That's too bad. I'm actually just about to go home.
Pretty girl: Omg no you're not.
Buff guy: Yea I am.
Pretty girl: Whatever!
Buff guy's sidekick guy: Yea he's not... he said he was gonna leave half hour ago.

This mundane conversation continues until this huge guy comes outta no where and starts pounding everyone's hands.

Huge guy: eh man wassup dawg?
Buff guy: Just chillin *****, wassup wich you man?
Huge guy: Nothing dawg, just been partying all weekend!
Pretty girl: Omg remember how you used to always come to the library wasted or drunk?
Huge guy: naah.
Pretty girl: No, really! You'd be like stumbling around everywhere.
Pretty girl's sidekick: Yea totally, I remember that.
Buff guy: Yo girl I heard you drink amazing.
Pretty girl: Yea totally. I can out drink most people.
Pretty girl's sidekick: It's true. She can even out drink me and I'm like twice her size.
Huge guy: What kinda drinks you like, huh?
Pretty girl: I LOVE tequila!!
Huge guy: haha a couple shots of tequila and you're good to go. The night just turns around after that.
Buff guy: We need to party together.
Buff guy's sidekick: I'm hungry.
Random girl: I just went to McyD's and bought everything. Want some?
Buff guy's sidekick: Yea, gimme some of that girl.
Pretty girl: Yea so I'm like 19.
Huge guy: That's hot. I'm like 19 too.
Buff guy: Man you so little. I'm like 20. How you drink like that girl?
Pretty girl: I totally can out drink most girls.
Huge guy: I bet you can't out drink me.
Pretty girl: Hehe yea maybe not. But I can out drink most girls.
Buff guy: That's hot.


This conversation went on for literally 45 minutes on the same topic. Yes 'pretty girl' we get that you can out drink most girls. Sheesh. Is that the best accomplishment people can give nowadays?

The whole conversation just disgusted me really. I still can't understand how binge drinking and partying is such a huge part of the college culture. Kids get drunk, wasted, hung-over every night or every weekend and then complain about how they're not doing well in school.

I've never had alcohol because it's not permissible in Islam, but I heard that it doesn't even taste good. Soo please explain to me. How can something that tastes disgusting, makes you lose control, and gives you disgusting side effects be appealing to people?? Be smart people. Use your brains.


Constructive Attitude said...

I check my email WAY TOO MUCH as well.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

OMGGGGG!! I hate conversations like that, I feel like I'm losing some IQ.

Little T said...

Alcohol is just an excuse in america to do things you wouldn't normally do (or maybe you would) so you can say "oh, well...I was drunk". We are a very spoiled culture. Good for you for staying away from the devil's juice. I wish someone would have taught me it was against my culture! I love your blog, btw. I learn something new all of the time as we come from 2 totally different worlds!

Heckety said...

My eldest came to that same conclusion within about a month of starting College, and since she has to have a proper job to supplement what we give her for support she says that no one can drink, work, party and study successfully. Daughter no. 2 says the same. They were both brought up in a Muslim culture in East Africa and I am very thankful for the morality and ethics they have taken from Islam, as well as our own Christian ethos. How can ANYONE think being drunk and disorderly is ok?

Snake Charmer said...

how do u remember ALL OF THAT????

Madame Lefty said...

Devil's advocate: Not all alcohol is disgusting, hence the "girly drinks." They tend to be more potent, simply because you can't taste the alcohol and thus drink more.

Honestly, having been a party drinker in the past, I can tell you what is appealing about it. If there's nothing better to do in your town, acting silly and getting drunk is something to do in a small town.

If you are shy, then alcohol "loosens" you up.

The fact is alcohol just allows people to feel less inhibited and in some cases give them reasons to do things they wouldn't normally do, as another poster pointed out.

Could I ever drink and party that much again? No, definitely not. The conversation makes me laugh and it's ridiculous and silly how that girl's one accomplishment is that she can hold her liquor, but on the flip side, I remember there was a time I could hold my alcohol better than most men.

I can see the appeal, even though it's not something I like to do anymore.

Artistic Logic said...

wow that was a pretty intense convo

provoking invoking said...

lol that made me wanna barf.

i know a girl whose mother died from liver cirrhosis and she's now an alcoholic, following her mother's path downward. =(

its the self-destructive drug of the masses. its no accident that it is the drug of choice and socially accepted when there are other drugs that are much much safer and don't kill anyone (marijuana) that are socially television. to keep the masses complacent and dumbed down so that they don't question allthe bad things going on.

Faith in Writing said...

Lol, ok well you have to mix it to taste good (or get used to the taste) but -what idiots!! Who were they?? Dumb!
I've heard people say things like that too. Girls bragging that they can drink like the guys... mmmmm, that's an attractive quality. I think there's nothing wrong with an occasional drink, but the people who drink all the time are pretty much losers. It's a pretty lame thing to be proud of.

Loredana said...

Honestly, not all alcohol tastes bad. I'm not a fan of alcohol straight up, so usually I like it hidden in some kind of fruity drink and I do like wine. So not all alcohol tastes bad and honestly it's not BAD for you. It becomes bad when you begin to abuse it, like this 19 yr. old who has made it her teen goal to outdrink all the girls on campus!

EmptyWords said...

To be honest, it's hard to blame the person. Its the society kids are growing up in nowadays... More than disappointed, Im scared for these kids... there may not be anyone to help them out of this 'addiction'