Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Birthday Girl

Dear Friends,

I am like so totally excited. Cuz like um my birthday is coming up. Yay. Actually I am not. Well I kinda am. I dunno why. I like my birthday. Its a day dedicated to me. I love Me. Ok now I just sound like C.A. Anyway. Birthdays aren't really a big deal in my family. My dad doesn't really celebrate birthdays. However, we do (sometimes) go out to eat as a family on our birthdays. But thats it. No gifts or nothing. A few years ago we tried to celebrate Father's Day and my dad freaked out. We kinda just did it to be funny since we know he doesn't celebrate that either. My dad thinks that Father's Day (and Mother's Day) should be every day. And hes right. Sigh.

I'm pretty sure celebrating birthdays is a touchy topic in Islam, as well. Thats where my dad gets it from. Anyway. There are different beliefs that scholars (of Islam) have on celebrating birthdays. Some say its alright to celebrate your birthday if you are thanking God and showing gratitude for being blessed with one more year of life. Others say its not right to celebrate and be happy about losing one year of your life.

Anyhoo, I am quite sad about losing a year of my life. A year that I wasted and could have spend much more productively, sigh! However, I am also excited to be one year older just because that means I'm closer and closer to getting married!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding..kinda. I dunno. Lately the days have been going by SO FAST. I can't believe its October already. Sigh. But thats a good thing for me. Cuz next thing you know I'll be done with college. And perhaps far away at another college. Or not. Or maybe I'll just be a fail and do nothing with my life. I think the latter will happen. Sigh. Please pray that it doesn't. Anyways, I have to go stalk celebrities on Twitter. Ok bye.

Yours for the Sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen


Constructive Attitude said...

Hi. Remember yesterday when you said, "this semester is done, next semester is done. and then im going to die? "

you're so weird.

my dad always says that too. about mothers day and fathers day and birthdays.

Mrs. Cullen said...

thanks. ily2

Artistic Logic said...

aww when is your birthday?

i love fall. you're lucky.

i agree with your dad and my dad would agree too.

provoking invoking said...

hadith (prophetic traditions) about celebrating any holiday other than the 2 eids for us:

The Prophet Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him came to Medina with two days they celebrated.

The Prophet Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said, ‘What are these two days?’ They said, ‘These are two days we used to play in, in our Jahiliyah (pre-Islamic days).’ The Prophet Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said, ‘Allah has replaced them with two better days: Eid Al Adhaa and Eid Al-Fitr’. (Abu Dawood)

On birthdays: my dad says the origin of birthday celebrating began with idolatry worship- the king Nimrod (Namrud) in the time of Abraham considered himself to be a GOD, and he ordered his birthday to be celebrated and forced people to offer him gifts on that day and made it a huge deal. basically birthdays are about self-gratification and self-praise.

Muslims also should not celebrate the prophet's birthday for this reason, as bday celebration started as a worshipping of false gods,

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said:

Do not over praise me as the Christians over-praised the son of Mary. I am His slave so say: 'Allah's slave and messenger' [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]

Thus we do not overpraise him by celebrating his birthday, and who do we think we are by thinking of ourselves as so important to celebrate our own birth?

its nice to have fun, but it should be in a context other than imitating other religions, when better days are designated for us to celebrate :)

i know i usually stay quiet about this issue, since bdays an excuse to see friends, but i jumped in 'cause you gave me the opening to share this. JAK
the religious background of bday celebrating is hardly brought up when people wonder whether its ok to do or not. it's not really about losing a year of life, and there are certainly designated, better ways to THANK God.

and no hard feelings to anyone that disagrees... be careful though of these unnecessary things in life given to us by hallmark and pagans. (that goes for crap like halloween, another pagan holiday, or thanksgiving, which celebrates the massacre of native americans. both coming up)

i had a dream where everyone found out when my bday was and celebrated it =/ i try to keep it a secret so as to not get surprised.

/food for thought.

JennyMac said...

Happy early birthday!!!!! And I hope you celebrate in the most fun (and appropriate) way possible.

foxy said...

Well, happy birthday to you, little miss. Enjoy your day...

Asma said...

OH dear yet another birthday. So no cakes and no gifts. Well at least ask for gifts from ur family ;)

I know its birthdays-are-so-unislamic in my family too and well I'm not too much in too it either but hey a gift would do ;)

Mark said...

Birthdays are a great day to celebrate life and to remember to be thankful for all that are life is. I understand not doing the present thing, it is a silly tradition. I don't wait for birthdays to give gifts, I give when I am moved to do so.
BTW - it is impossible to waste a moment of our life, each moment, even when we think it is wasted has served a purpose.

Snake Charmer said...

i agree with Mark 150000000% sooo true

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I'm a November girl. :)