Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Fatty

Dear Friends,

I'm fat. Really. I am. If you know me you might say: "Yeah, you are fat" or you might say "No, you're not fat, girl." Well let me tell you, I am fat. At least compared to my weight two years ago, I'm a freaking piece of lard. I've always loved/absolutely adored/obsessed over/cherished/idolized food. I know thats bad, but its the truth. I've always ate like a "pig" or a "jinn" (as my parents would say), since I was a child. But now the difference is my stupid, as-slow-as-a-freaking-turtle metabolism. Oh. I can also blame it on stress. I have been quite stressful these last two years, especially now. But I have also been quite lazy and inactive as well. Sigh. And though I've always ate like a pig, now I eat like two freaking pigs combined. But thats not my fault either. My grandma and mom are Thee Best Cooks Ever. Also, I have a well paying job (thanks to God and babies) which allows me to eat fast food all the time. Oh, how I love food.

Anyway, I got in a serious fight with one of my friends a few days ago. And you know why???? Because they think I'm too lazy. What the freak. I can be lazy if I want. Don't get in a fight with me about it. Don't tell me that I have to lose weight or we are not going to be friends. Don't throw a pencil across the library and tell me to get it, just to prove that I'm lazy. Mind your own business. And I'm not lazy. Even though I didn't pick up the pencil. Whatever. Don't threaten me with silent treatments, if I don't go to the gym at least four times a week. I don't need your friendship! Whateva.

So, yesterday I went to the gym. I ran for half an hour while watching Judge Joe Brown: Bad Girls You Love to Hate Edition. I'm gonna go again today. When I came home my mom was on the phone with someone saying, "The clothes I bought for Mrs. Cullen from India don't fit her too well; she has gained some weight. She thinks shes gonna start a diet. She can't. She loves eating too much." I became sad and promised myself I would never eat, ever again. But then it was dinner time. Sigh. But I'm kinda trying to eat healthy. For example: usually I eat two or three servings of dinner. Instead, I only had 1 and a half servings.

In Islam, there is a certain rule for how much you eat. The Prophet Muhammad said, “No man fills a vessel worse than his stomach. A few mouthfuls that would suffice to keep his back upright are enough for a man. But if he must eat more, than he should fill one third (of his stomach) with food, one third with drink and leave one third for easy breathing.” Sigh. I wish I could follow that. Inshallah, some day.

Yours for the Sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen

PS: My friend just told me the most genius thing ever. There is no point to starve yourself. Because the more you starve yourself, the hungrier you will get. The hungrier you get, the more you will eat when you realize you can't starve yourself. Genius.


Constructive Attitude said...

I'm scared to click the jinn link.


Quest said...

Mrs. Cullen Mrs. Cullen: que passa senorita with a few cutie pounds here 'n there. I'm quest, nice to meet you and yes, the less you eat the more your body will burn from your protein, which you need.

Plus, god forbid, it might develop diabetes if, only if, it's in the family.

Aren't we lovelies: the first reaction when someone looks south at the abdomen and gives a "what bloats you" look at the extra pounds, we run to the gym!

For an hour or two. And promise to keep at it. But in reality, the zeal and enthusiasm melts away slowly at the first sight of an apple pie, or a burger (yum).

In short, you'll know when you've had enough and want a lifestyle change.


Mrs. Cullen said...

Quest: Perfect, my mother and grandmother have diabetes.

Constructive Attitude: Its just a link to PS: SFL

controlled chaos said...

you're making me hungry. And i've been trying to follow the Prophet's example when i eat too.
LIke i always check and make sure my stomach is aligned with my body and then stop eating.

Artistic Logic said...

im hungry

Constructive Attitude said...

You didnt put the picture!

*mary* said...

Definitely do not starve yourself, or even skip meals. The body holds on to stored fat cells assuming that it will need them if you do that!

While I am certain you are no where near "FAT" there is nothing wrong with exercise. It's a good habit to pick up. You'll have more energy.

Cheryl said...

What?? Someone told you you were lazy and fat? What the hell? Should just smack em upside the head! In fact, just stick their head down a toilet and drown 'em. The nerve of some people. I watch that Kristie Alley: Fat Actress show (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it) show when I'm at the gym. It's motivation for me to not sit on my ass all day.

Faith said...

Ummm it’s almost impossible to fix this when you have the two most amazing cooks ever home!
They need to cooperate :I

Mina said...

Sometimes ppl talk crap...don't listen to them, you do you and Alhamdulilah everything will be alright, don't let her put you what you like but in moderation after all we are only humans. Inshallah when you want to change yourself you can and you will:)

All the best sis xXx

Kate said...

I'm fat too and I have discovered that I can't change for anyone, I have to find it in myself to change for me! Hope we both find that soon!

Kate said...

It's what's inside that really matters, right?

Margie said...

I try my very best to eat heallthy and get exercise every day.
It works for me and I only have gained 5 pounds since I was first married and I have been married for a long time.
(Please don't hate me, LOL!)

When you want to lose weight I'm sure if you really put your mind to it you will lose the weight.

Much luck to you!


phalanges said...


its ok im fat too :) lets be fat together! neheh ^_^

Chuckle said...

hahaha about the pencil thing!!! hahaha

Loredana said...

K first off what kind of "friends" do you deal with? A friend calling you LAZY, ok, that's fine but then throwing a damn pencil across the room or giving you the silent treatment for not going to the gym? I swear you gotta love those self righteoius people that can point a finger to everyone else! Anyway, you do your thing. If you're happy and you're just not feeling it now, then so be it.

Little T said...

Jinn...I learned something new again. I love it all and I am sure you are beautiful no matter what your size.