Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have found myself in a bit of a pickle. I have few places where I get my eyebrows done. I'm very picky. Recently I've found myself too busy/unable to go to these places so I decide to clean up my eyebrows myself. Welllll I started on my right eyebrow when I was really bored but didn't have the energy/bravery to continue on to my left that day, so I was like ok I'll finish it the next day. But now I can't get myself to do it because I actually kind of like the slightly wild look of my left eyebrow as compared to the very tame and boring right one. Ugh. Eyebrows. I hate hair removal in general. I hate being a girl.

Who here is psyched for Halloween??!! I am. I found like the perfect Halloween music too. Who remembers Ryan Gosling? The guy from The Notebook? he created this band called Dead Man's Bones and they just released this spooky and haunting album in early October and seriously, they even have an elementary school choir singing along to give you the creepy childlike hollow music to get you all spooked out for Hallooooweeen!!

I have included a video for your viewing pleasure
enjoy <3

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Cheryl said...

Plucking eyebrows totally sucks. I avoid it until I can no longer look at myself in the morning without seeing Chewbacca.

foxy said...

oooooooh... i so love ryan gosling. thanks for sharing!

Constructive Attitude said...

I like the music at the beginning.

Muslim Girl said...

LOL OMG I can't believe you left your left eyebrow for the next day!!!

Faith said...

I love natural eyebrows I only use scissors to trim them ;D