Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A blind uncle is better than no uncle.

We've all heard it. We've all said it. And we've all preached it.

It's a great thing to be grateful for what you have, even greater to realize it, appreciate it, and not take it for granted.

To sound like a big fat cliche, appreciate the little things life has to offer, because when it's gone, you just might be screwed

Life is fantastic when you come to those conclusions and you want to dance and sing like no ones watching.

Last week while driving home from work, I realized that I took windshield wipers for granted. Yes, windshield wipers. My brother is a genius and decided to take one of my crappy ones off and not buy me another one. He told me to go and get it myself and he would put it on for me. I am an even bigger genius than he, and decided I wanted to be Mrs. Cheap and not get it until I absolutely needed it and I would get it whenever.

The next day, it rained cats and dogs.

It was horrible.

And the entire ride to work and from work was unbelievably annoying because of the scratching sound that the non-windshield wiper thingy kept making. It even made a scratch on the windshield front window whatchamacallit.(I really cant think of the name for it)

When I got home that same day, my mom wasn't home. I could sense it right when I walked into the front door

Therefore, there was nothing to eat. And so I decided I would boil myself an egg.

Boiling an egg is harder than it looks. Even harder, when mom isn't around.

And currently my thumb hurts. Like real bad. Who wouldve thought you use the thumb as much as you do. I didnt realize it until this happened and I got a purple/blue-ish bruise on it.

This must be how CC's entire hand feels.

And hangers are God send. Especially plastic ones. Treat them like gold.

Lastly, as crappy as I look when I go to work, and as sad as it is that I can't wear high heels, and as annoying as it is that I always wear my glasses as opposed to my contacts these days to work, and as much as I dread it sometimes, and as ridiculous as I may sound when I teach, at least I have a job.

And these days, not a whole lot of people can say that, huh?


Mrs. Cullen said...

tru dat

provoking invoking said...

oh man, i went without a windshield wiper for a long time too hehe.. i wrapped tons of papertowel wads around the broken one and wrapped it up with tape a bunch of times to stop the scratching sound..

i'm gonna need a new windshield soon before winter...

thanks for the reminder. i try to think that way too when im an ungrateful bum

AL said...

yes ur right =)
im glad you do

....and i was going to say i hope you didn't run the wipers just like that.... but yea... OUCH and don't do it again especially with the crack there...

and get them replaced

and get the crack plugged before winter or you might need to replace the whole windshield someday soon so yea get it plugged

and go slap your bro
but dont tell him i said that....or his wife

thats all

JK (about the last part)

linlah said...

double tru dat!!!

Walter said...

At least you've got a wake up call. Sometimes we belittle the important things in our life and focused more on miseries surrounding us. :-)

Anonymous said...

You don't wear heels anymore?? Why not? And yes, Alhamdulillah you have a job, and much more props to getting a job you worked so hard for :)

so proud of you

and maybe you should learn how to cook soon so you won't starve if you ever get married...I MEAN...if no ones home.

Chuckle said...

i was finna' say what mrs. cullen said. shoot.

Soda and Candy said...

Haha, oh you poor thing, I hate that windshield scratch/scrape.

Hope your thumb gets better soon. Isn't it weird, those things, you never realize how much you use some part of you until it's out of commission.

Little T said...

Those are exactly the things that I keep repeating in my head when I hate my job. I am lucky to have one. So what if I can't pay my credit card debt? Some people are losing their homes right now. Thanks for a good dose of perspective!

Mark said...

We each how so much to be grateful for. The real lesson is to learn to be grateful for everything, even that which we may perceive as "bad".

Kim said...

Some days you just have to pick your battles.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Really nice post. We take pretty much everything for granted. We take our privileges for granted, and we all have millions of them.

MarjnHomer said...

also another lesson to learn is dont put off what can be done today. i was reading the post and knew it was you as soon as i read my brother and windshield. hahaha great post!

rebecca said...

Loved the title and loved the part about the egg! Now, that was funny! Good blog you have here. Will return.

Margie said...

Oh, very good post!
We have so much to be grateful for and I do count my blessings!

Thank you for your visit to my blog and nice comment!


Tricia said...

I'm grateful for everything, i remember i used to take electricity for granted till the government decided to ration electricity for a month! Bummer!

Faith said...

I love you CA.. have I already said that?

Cheryl said...

Be grateful eh? What an interesting concept. I'll work on that as I sit here up to my ears in crazy people.
How did you burn your thumb while boiling an egg...?

ladytruth said...

Good on you for looking on the brightside even though you're not feeling that bright yourself. Hope things will be running smoothly in the next week!