Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hi, world.

It's been a while. A long long while. Maybe because I'm busy enjoying life right now. I'll be back to normal in 5 days, hopefully. Well for you, not me. I'm leaving soon. So anyways, GUESS WHAT I SAW?

Remember how I didn't think Controlled Chaos would let me see her room? I finally did!!

I think she took my threat quite seriously about running up to her room when she's not there and taking a pic and posting it on the blog. And I was quite serious. So I was surprised at her lack or resistence. However, she did not let me more than 5 feet in.

HER ROOM IS SO MUCH FUN. lol. I liked it. I can't tell you how it looks because I'd like being alive. But I thought it was fun in the sun on the beach eating a peach. That kind of fun. haha. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have gone to the unknown and come out unscathed.
That I am alive and well.

And her cat is humungous. But I think all full grown cats are that big. I'm just used to seeing kittens and thinking they're big.

I want a cat! This one in perticular. She's still at the pet store waiting for a home . But my dad is allergic. The kitty is sitting in CC's lap. meowwwww. I did start meowing at the kitty, but she was so scared. awww cutie pie. I can't find my room. Sadly I am sitting in it. I am off to clean it.


Artistic Logic said...

aww you've gone where only few have been permitted to go

i wonder if im EVER gonna b that special

DocE said...

This is my job security!!!

But it is sad - I agree

Paris said...

Whoah! What a great triumph! =) tee hee! **hugs**

Miss Rosa said...


Anonymous said...

oooh, congrats on completing such a dangerous mission! that kitten is too cute :o)

Asma said...

ohh you call it huge? the other day I saw a cat which resembled a dog :s

Happy entering in her room ;)

Falling Up said...

CC deprives me of the simple pleasures of her life. lIke her room. haha. See what it's reduced me to?

fuelMybrain said...

I went through a bunch of different emotions with that post.
Excitement (here we go, finally!!!! the room)
Accomplishment (for you, you got in!),
Suspense (dun dun dun, will we get pics?)...
Deflation: you gave us NOTHING on the room!!!
Then we quickly jumped to
AWWWWW, and then

And now I oddly want a damn cat, thanks for nothing!!!! ;-) lol

LiLu said...

Get the kitty! Get the kitty!

EmptyWords said...

loll... i totally wanted a description of the room... boo CC

Softly Spoken said...

I love cats.

Faith in Writing said...

tell us more!!!!!!!! Get a photo.... I'll trade you one. lol
So why won't she let anyone in there?