Friday, June 26, 2009

Family does the Darnedest Things Friday

Ok So I'm thinking about starting a new segment on Fridays.
My Family does the the Darnedest Things..
Actually I think I'll make it into a Wednesday or Monday or even a Tuesday segment...we'll see.
But definitely not a Thursday...

Last week, Monday:

I'm late for my Doctor's appointment (as usual). Usually I drive down to clinic, whizzing down the freeway at, atleast 80 mph.
But that day I didn't have breakfast so I took a bowl of cereal with me to my car. My dad said he would drive for me.
So I said okay.
Then while I'm sitting in the passenger's seat (next to driver's seat) my Dad remembers a thousand other things he needs to grab before we leave. And while I'm watching the minutes tick by, I realize that with my brother's latest speeding ticket sprees, I'd be lucky if my dad would even touch the speed limit.

So I yell out to him that I'm going to drive, and start crawling into the driver's seat.
My dad, sees what I'm doing, yells no, and hurries over to get into the driver's seat.

And there we were, both of us, half onto the driver's seat, heads pushed against each other.

No seriously, we were in headbutt deadlock. He was half out of the car, and I was half on the passenger seat.

"But I can drive while eating!!" I said, while pushing his head

"No you're not!" He said, pushing my head back.

"But YOU can't drive!" I said, while using my one hand to push against the seat, to give me more force.

"Yes, I can" He said, using the driver's door to get more force.

"No. You can't !"

And my dad pushes my head just enough, "Yes I can"
And I backed away.

And there you go. My family just decided dominance for the driver's seat, the same way a ram or a goat does.

My family is funny.

P.S. Ahmadinejad(The current President of Iran) compared Obama to Bush, and said that Obama owes him an apology. And for what? For criticizing the way Iran's government are handling its protestors. I think Obama is doing a great job at not getting involved but still saying what he thinks is wrong and why he thinks it's wrong.


Artistic Logic said...


ur so annoying

i can't imagine doing that with my dad

provoking invoking said...

yea my dad would kill me (or kill my brain with reverse psychology)
but then again he always wants me to drive...

anyway i agree with ahmedinejad. i think america has no room to talk when bush rigged the elections TWICE without anyone protesting... and it's quite obvious what their interest in iran is all about..

provoking invoking said...

i wouldn't be surprised if the CIA paid people to protest and exaggerated the story, or are paving the way for another american-led coup on the iranian government.

i'm not trying to advocate iran.. but come on. look at bush and obama. they are too similar. also, obama is the one who got his state senate seat by coercing all his running mates to drop out of the race. what a democracy we have

Lisa said...

Not a huge Obama fan, but I also love the way he's not meddling in the Iranian's affairs.

You and your dad are so funny!

Constructive Attitude said...

I wish you wouldve mentioned ppl sending in their own stuff.

Anonymous said...

hey! sorry i've been m.i.a. for awhile. that's pretty awesome you and your dad "headbutted" for the right to drive the car.

can't wait for the next "my family does the darnedest things" segment!