Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear World

Please shoot me.

Just kidding I don't want to die.

So as some of you may know I am back from my vacation home and now am in India. I guess I can't call it a vacation because we didn't get one. I just gave myself one. India is my inspiration for blogging and I've had just about one billion things to blog about. But I haven't because I've been having mini panic attacks and then one humungo panic attack. I'm so behind and everyone is smarter than me. :(

It's okay. I'm smart, too. I can and will catch up and beat everyone. and then I'll become a really good doctor and patients will be climbing over each other to see me. Well, angry pregnant women if I decide on obstetrics. It's not so bad, you know. I saw a C-section today. I almost cried. Because I was going to vomit. Oh and I almost fainted when I saw a delivery. I'm scared to have kids but I know that the pain is worth it. Just hook me up with the morphine. They also removed a huge fibroid out of a woman's uterus. I have pictures but I don't want to post it up because I don't want to make anyone vomit. If any of you are curious it looked like a huge rubber band ball the size of a baby's head or bigger covered in blood.

Anyways, back to where I was. Oh yeah, my panic attacks. So I told CC to kick me off the blog for a year so I don't get distracted but she refuses. I'm so touched she loves me. Not even my begging could get me off this blog. I'm bound to it until death do us part apparently.

PS - I called CC a cutie pie the other day and she didn't like it. I think we should all start calling her pet names. But she got really awkward and I don't think she could look me in the eye after that. Oh and we were out getting yummy bubble tea two days before I left and I said "well, if it tickles your fancy..." And she got really really uncomfortable. Is there anything wrong with that phrase? I thought it was humorous.

So I'm not supposed to be online and should have my nose in my book reading about arrhythmias which is so much fun, I promise. But a girl needs a break, too. So I made a deal with myself. I can blog but have to have comments turned off because it won't be fair because I can't comment on other people's blogs. I do visit religiously, thanks to feedburner, but commenting takes up a lot of time. So gone are my comments, but I'll be around. ;)

Please take my request of calling CC loving pet names seriously. I know deep down inside it tickles her fancy. haha!!!