Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 Tips to Keeping Dry

1. Wear tank tops and Aladdin pants under your jilbab (outer cover)
2. Wear sun block then use oil pads to wipe away the grease after 5 minutes
3. Don’t walk next to smelly men
4. Wear a fake wedding band so smelly men don’t try to walk next to you
5. Don’t swing your arms when walking
6. Take an afternoon nap from 1-3 pm
7. Get your groceries delivered up to you from the downstairs convenient store
8. Powder your inner thighs frequently
9. Stand in random nice shops for frequent free AC breaks when walking downtown
10. Run all your errands past 7 pm

Guys, it’s getting so hot here. It was 104 degrees yesterday. It was so hot that even the nasty stray dogs were lethargic and not chasing cats.

So I move out of my apartment today into another one down the street. I'm so excited! Only one little do I get all my suitcases down the street? Do I walk them 5 minutes there and get my bags dusty? Or do I call a cab and tell him to take me a 30 second drive down the street so he can get paid only 50 cents? I guess I'll figure it out after my cold shower ...


Constructive Attitude said...

Call the cab! and give him a nice tip. dude its 104 degrees there, if you can avoid that fiv min walk with luggage, DO IT!

fuelMybrain said...

Yeah call the cab, one drive vs. how many times would you have to walk back and forth?

I hate the heat... I started sweating just reading this. :-)

Artistic Logic said...

walk it. sweat. its good for your health. just don't overdo it

Faith in Writing said...

Get a cab!! I totally would pay someone $50 just for that ride with all my stuff.
Happy moving (hope you stop sweating soon..)

Youthful Wisdom said...

So we ended up taking a cab... and my roommate ended up paying the cab driving $20 which is 20 times more than what you're supposed to pay... She had no idea and boy oh boy was he happy.

provoking invoking said...

yeah i don't get why people don't want to sweat. just get a good deoderant and let your body secrete. its good for you AND it cools you down.

i love summer..

i enjoyed reading your list though :) lol about your naiive tourist roomate :D

*mary* said...

Good list! #9 is a must.

Artistic Logic said...

watta sissy

u shudv walked