Monday, June 22, 2009


We take attendance by roll call. So back in first year after dissection was over it was time for attendance. Usually with the accent and speed of calling out the names every number sounds almost the same. When the professor is in the thirties I think she's on 50-something.

One day all that changed.

We had a new professor and she was taking attendance. Something was different. A good different. Instead of "nine-fo...nine-ee fiwe" I could very cleary make out "ninety-four...ninety-five." Amazing. I was so happy I knew what number she was on.

Not everyone was happy, though. I could hear one girl behind me say to another, "Just listen to her pronouncing the roll call. Who does she think she is? Some educated woman!?" Apparently doctors aren't educated? Honestly. A woman pronounces something clearly and she gets bashed on. Jealousy? Maybe. Sometimes people here get bashed by idiotic people if they think you are trying to "act from abroad." Whatever that means.


Speaking of dissection. Did you know I didn't wear gloves? You get yelled at because you are supposed to feel exactly how the organ feels or something dumb like that. And then I cut myself with the scalpel and there was no first aid kit. So I had to create a makeshift bandage with a tissue and used the sticky side of an antibacterial label to hold it together. I kid you not. India is rapidly developing, but it's very primitive in a lot of aspects. I just wish they'd pay more attention to improving the conditions of universities here.