Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ohhh It's what you did to heerrr...Ohh it's what you did to her.

My cousin is back..with a husband ...and pregnant.

Oh she left America a year ago to get married and is now back, with two months left of her pregnancy.

Nothing about her changed(physically) except for the very BIG and cute tummy.

So we were are the mall trying on clothes, and she asks me how she looks a shirt.
I reply, "...I mean.., you look like how a normal pregnant person does.."

"Is that good?"

"...Well you don't look AMAZING...but you like fine..."

"But I don't look amazing"

"..........I mean...you look like normal...um...pregnant person would....It doesn't look bad."

"Go get X (insert favorite hubby name)"

I trot over to the area where we left her husband and my brother. Only they weren't there anymore. Went outside, and saw husband walking toward me.
I guess I looked worried, cuz he started jogging toward me.

"D is looking for you"
"Is she not feeling well?"
"Oh no, she's fine"
And he slows down.

I take him over to the fitting rooms.

"D, X is here"

"Oh. Ok....X, do I look fat in this?
(Me: omg is she kidding me? How is he supposed to answer that??!)


"Do I look fat in this shirt?"

"...Um...Yeah you do."
(Me: Dude just said WHAT?!)

(Me: Oh he's gonna get it)

"......Should I not get it then?"

"If you like it, then just get it"

"Ok I'm going to get it then"

"Ok good"

(Me: ...What just happened ???)

And then earlier during the day,

D and X are talking about Indian soap operas or movies or something, with the rest of my family.
X stops in the middle of the conversation, "Oh and D learned a song from one of the movies. And she sings it really well"

D: "Oh my god. Stop"

Me: "Er....?"

X: " No really. Sing it for them"

D: "Nooo"

Me: What the heck is going on?

X: "No sing it for them. She does it so well too. Go on sing it. You know the whole thing. You've sung it so many times before"

Me: Why is this scene so incredibly weird

And D starts saying the words of the song.. It's not really a singy-songy song. But it's like a nursery rhyme.
But I was still stuck on the conversation that happened before it...I still am.

And then he complimented her again and again..and I was like, "Oh my God just keep buttering her up!"

D laughs.
X replies, "You say I butter her up, her other cousins say "Whtoosh!"
Me: Whtoosh?
X: Yeah haha whtoosh!
D: Don't sayyy it
Me: Like a whip? As in whipped?
X: haha yeah!!

Me: This might be the first and only time I'll meet a guy who'll be so fine with joking around about that...

So yeah, he's not whipped; nothing close. It's almost like he's got my cousin whipped with his compliments and INCREDIBLY nice personality (mash'Allah* !!). Considering the fact that he married into the family, he acts nothing like an in-law.

NOTHING! He makes everyone feel so comfortable and at ease alhamdulillah **

I sit there wondering what he's done to my stubborn and don't-you-dare-touch-me, cousin of mine. She would never ever take kindly to her brother messing around with her by calling her fat, she would get uncomfortable when her mom hugged her, and had a low tolerance for people....

Seriously, what the hell happened to her?

* mash'Allah~God has willed it. It It is used to show joy and praise. It is said upon hearing good news

** Alhamdulillah~Praise or thanks be to God


Faith in Writing said...

Wow, sounds like she found someone she feel very comfortable with.... not sure how great an idea it is to actually ask someone if you look FAT though? Lol. That made me feel really weird. When you're pregnant I think it's best to stick to long dark tops or pregnancy tops (although I did find the latter were the lowest cut things EVER... steer clear without a singlet. My hub said to me one time "I thought you said you didn't wear low cut tops" and I looked down and realised the V part was between my boobs... Weird. As if they couldn't make the V higher and put a little modesty for pregnant women. Here you go, here's a top to make you feel better, and like you're too naked.

Artistic Logic said...


a success story =)

lol very funny though

Artistic Logic said...

p.s. pregnant women look cute

MarjnHomer said...

she seems to have a great catch and dont worry inshallah you will too when the day comes :-D

AD said...

:) wonderful!
and i cant wait to be pregnant!

Mrs. Cullen said...

u find every conversation and situation weird. ever think that maybe you are just the weird one?

Constructive Attitude said...

CC says she's weird ALL the time. and she embraces it..

and CC, I didnt even get to see D's tummy.

Anonymous said...

Omg that is such a cute story, mashallah! :)))

Artistic Logic said...

oh but i don't get the title

the girl in stiletto said...

love is what's happening to her, my dear friend :)

controlled chaos said...

Girl in St- crap...that's what i thought too.
FIW- hahaha you're so weird

AD- I kinda feel like that too...but then I don't as well...

MarjNhomer- That's one of the last things I'm worried about usually...haha

controlled chaos said...

AL- It's cuz of the song, hey there Delilah...I heard it a lot that day

Rabia said...

Awww, that's a great story, Masha'Allah! It's great that she found someone she feels so comfortable with. :)

I have two cousin-in-laws who are the same way. They don't feel like in-laws AT ALL. We just had a huge cousin's reunion, and they were probably the most excited out of everyone! It's always fun hanging out with them, Masha'Allah! :)

EmptyWords said...

im still hung up on the fact that she was traveling at 7 months pregnancy! thats pretty dangerous...

yours truly... said...

Everyone needs a man like that...i'll be waiting forever...I don't know if I could one to put up with me and my mouth! LOL!