Saturday, June 27, 2009

Because I have nothing better to talk about...'s some pointless thoughts:

I'm currently obsessed with this song by Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

I like some of Rihanna's songs (Silly Boy and Take a Bow) because they aren't filled with mushy crap that everyone seems to adore. The lyrics are funny. Point in case:
"You look so dumb right now"
"You're so ugly when you cry"
"Silly boy, Get out of my face"

I hate when babies cry. And not in that "Aww poor baby" kinda way, where I want to make them feel better. But more in a "Just shut up" kinda way.

I dont mind being bored at all. I would much rather be bored than be stressed.

I've never been so relieved to have something done or semi-done, like I was today.

I love summer vacation. It truly is the best part of teaching. I don't miss my kids. But I do miss two of my friends/colleagues though. The three of us have gotten pretty close in these past couple of months. And we always have really in-depth conversations about each of our faiths. Neither one of them follows an organized religion but their lives are so focused on their spirituality and their faith. Nothing else seems to matter and everything they do revolves around God. I just love that about them.

I had a horrible nightmare about my new classroom. The kids would not listen to me and they were running around the classroom like a bunch of animals.

I like getting tanned. It makes me feel exotic.

My phone is a piece of crap. I spilled apple juice on it and now it keeps hanging up on people.

You know that feeling you get when you get treated like crap by someone you look up to and respect a great deal? Well, I've had that feeling for the past couple of days now. I'm trying to brush it off, but I cant.

I've been reading this one book for about a month now. And I've never taken that long of a time to read any book. I don't think it's me. I think its the book. But I have to finish it.

I had gold eyeshadow on today and everyone said that it made me look anemic.

For some reason a lot of people in my family don't like to talk about others in the family being pregnant. I don't know if it's like this with other families but I will never understand why.

Michael Jackson's death was a huge shocker. I really thought my friend and I were the first people to hear about it and I wanted to be the first one to break the news to others. That didnt work.

M.J's funeral is probably going to be as big, if not bigger, than Princess Dianas was.

I'm going to NYC in three days. (Insha'Allah)

I asked my sisters to help me pack for my trip (Insha'Allah) and they kept telling me to wear things that were "outside of the box" and nothing "teachery". And everything I suggested they screamed "No!" to.

This is my first plane ride.

And I'm terrified.


controlled chaos said...


controlled chaos said...

But i'll be there! You have nothing to be scared about.

provoking invoking said...

Loving the string of random thoughts :D

Artistic Logic said...

i think ull be alrite iA

EmptyWords said...

-first ride on an airplane?
- MJ... a shocker and sad
- pregnancy thing...totally in my family too

Snake Charmer said...

ewww ew ew ewwwww. ew. (i am ewwing to the lady gaga & rihanna tidbit) FYI