Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I don't know what to write about. And yet I am writing. I'm sure all of you have heard about Bernie Maddoff and his 150 yr sentence- which seems a bit excessive considering he's like past 70, but I guess symbolically it's significant. My friends and I we're watching Michael Jackson videos today and I have to say he was really cute back in the 80's before all of the facial tinkering. Oh combat troops pulled out of Iraq today, did you hear about this? There were fireworks over the city of Baghdad marking the occasion. Call me cynical but the government of Iraq feels to me like a puppet that cut off its strings and now wants to be a real boy. I wish it luck.
Ever since the Star Trek movie came out, which I fell in love with, i've been watching the old 60's series. William Shatner was intense, and i'm developing an odd attraction to Leonard Nimoy or Spock. Oh and a repulsion to female actresses- man they could NOT act back then. Also i'm developing a sense of insecurity about airplanes, a Yemeni plane crashed into the Indian Ocean today killing like 154 people. That and the Air France plane that went down in the Atlantic Ocean..*shudder*..i'm going to Dubai in a few weeks you can bet i'm going to be fearfully clenching my armrests the entire trip.
Soooo there was a coup in honduras...that was interesting. Soldiers stormed the Honduran president's, home- arresting him and forcing him into exile. I think the greatest thing to come out of this coup is that it gave Obama and Chavez something to agree on (they're against it).
Now i'm not one for celebrity gossip but i'll indulge this one time: John Edward's has a sex tape. That is really gross and sickening. And just gross. ew. Ok on that note, oh wait I almost forgot the Iranian Guardian Council, has just confirmed an Ahmadinejad win- with 130% voter turnout in all districts. Congratulations Mr. President. Does it feel good to defraud your people? I bet it does.

oh there's one other thing, more of a confession really. Well here it goes. I am in love. Yes. It has happened. Whom, You might ask? Well he's my age, sort of. He's Scottish and very cute. And has possibly the sexiest voice. ever. I speak of Paolo Nutini of course. and I leave you with his shaggy-ness

Sweet Dreams y'all


Nevin said...

loool hahaha in love, thats like me but with the nike store in my local shopping centre :P loved your post, really good update :D

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

They've got nothing on the Script.

*mary* said...

Well, you pretty much covered it all. Well, except the untimely death of TV pitchman Billy Mays.

Leonard Nimoy and Scottish boys? We have similarly strange tastes! Hahaha.

EmptyWords said...

your post was funny yet informative and still sad at times... lol