Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Hair Stylist

Dear Friends,

Ok I am officially an idiot. Its the day before Winter semester and I cut my hair! On my own! Omg. I am seriously an idiot. I really didn't think it would be that bad. Sigh. I love long hair and I had been growing my hair for a while now but the ends were just so bad. Very very bad. So I just wanted to trim the tips. But my idiot brother was in the room while I was deciding to do this idiotic task and encouraged me to cut more. "You would be an idiot if you just cut the tips, you might as well do a lot," he said. And why did I listen to him? I DON'T KNOW. But I did. Now my 12 inches [um I don't know if it was 12 inches, is that a lot? is that a little? basically I had a lot of it] of hair is now just 4 inches. Not only is it short, but its also uneven. Obviously. You can't cut your hair by yourself. After that, I decided I wanted side bangs. Seriously. I'm such a freaking genius. I grabbed a bunch of hair by my forehead and cut diagonally, from bottom to top. I have gotten my hair cut a zillion times and I know thats how they do it! It has to be. I ended up just not stopping as I cut upwards. When the scissor reached my forehead area, I realized I had gone too far. But it was too late. I decided to fix the mess by giving myself front bangs. Also a bad idea.

I can't believe I decided to do this on the last day of break; the day before school. I'm such an idiot. I kept trying to reassure myself that its going to be ok. My hair grows back fast [which is a lie]. Its not that bad [also not true]. Its so unique and modelesque [hahaha yea right]. I want to cry. I keep thinking about my bridal shower and wedding [whenever they come] and how my hair is going to be short and uneven and ugly. People are going to laugh at me and I will be the ugliest bride ever. My prince charming wont want to marry me. He will be embarrassed. Sigh. I really am an idiot. Good thing I wear a scarf on my head.

Yours for the sake of Peace, Brotherhood and Aerosols,
Mrs. Cullen

PS: I don't like the new layout. I miss the old one. Ok bye.


Constructive Attitude said...

Everytime you thought that I was cutting my hair on my own, you made THE BIGGEST HAH! thats what you get..

jay kay

anyways, calm grows.

Artistic Logic said...

haha funny post
awwww it'll be ok... the whole time u kept saying "i can't believe i did this the day before school starts" and i kept thinking did she forget she wears a hijab? lol...
can i see pics? =)

Falling Up said...

haha. My mom cuts my hair. unevenly. Then tells me she'll fix it later. it never gets fixed.

I tried cutting my bangs once, too. Good thing I wear hijab. loool. There's a bangs tutorial on youtube somewhere.

I cut my hair so short because this Indian heat was making me crazy. I ended up with an unfashionable bob. It's been 14 months.. My hair is ALMOST back. I'm getting it done professionally next time.

controlled chaos said...

I agree.
You really are an idiot.
But if you makes you feel any better, I'm sure your "Prince Charming" will be just as ugly and stupid. haha kidding
please don't kill me!!

And you're a funny,cute, clueless idiot who's actually a genius.

Jamie said...

hahah, I have often thrown around the idea of cutting my own hair. I've never had the guts to do it though. Good luck, and yes, it will grow back!

fuelMybrain said...

This post made my day brighter! I haven't lol so many times reading a post, and than more with these fabulous comments.
Oh how we've all been there before (I was 4, but whatever, we all learn our lessons at different ages). ;-)

provoking invoking said...

i bet you look chic, i'm sure its not that bad. i've always cut my own hair... and evenly. sometimes i dont use a comb either. i think i'm a freak. i'm natural hair cutter. one time i cut my friends the bangs that you wanted (except she's really really really particular) and i assured her "i've done this before" but the truth is i never cut bangs before. and then theyturned out perfectly. subhanallah..

sorry i guess i dont have any funny story there..

*mary* said...

Oh man, I have made this mistake before. Lesson learned, I will never do it again! It does grow back at least... VERY slowly, but still. Lol.

Chuckle said...

i liked the old layout too.

and why did you cut your gorgeous hair??? i saw pictures and it is was sooo pretty. it deserved a name!

Sabrina said...

That's so funny that you did that. When I was 14 years old, Vanessa Marcil (previously, and most famously known as Brenda on "General Hospital") was my hero -- like, in all of life. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and when I was 14, I tried to layer my own hair like hers. I'm usually not so stupid, but I put half of my hair in a ponytail, and then just cut it. I know, it was the dumbest thing ever. Anyway, I ended up going to the hair salon the next day, and had to get my hair cut REALLY short. I pretty much wore it up everyday until I was a sophomore in high school. At least the good thing is that it's hair, so it'll grow back:)