Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I really should be studying but...

the last summer breeze, originally uploaded by Rabujee.

Just jotting down quickly a few things that are annoying me these days...
I don't know what's worse the weather or the economy. It seems like when one gets bad, the other follows. Yesterday, around 75,000 jobs were lost in the US alone. 75,000!!!!

Tomorrow there's supposed to be a huge winter storm throughout the mid-west. Some places will get around 20 inches of snow!!! (Well that's what they predict anyways).
No wonder I find myself looking at all my summer pictures lately and finding absolutely no desire to do anything photography-wise. This winter has been especially dull =\.

The ugly-ness outside combined with my new classes is going to send me on a long hiatus from my Flickr'ing.

There's another thing, it's like every time I want to study, I fall asleep or get hungry and start making something to eat. Then when I'm at work or in class, I worry, worry, worry about HOW I'm going to prepare for my coming exam.

My bag (for school) keeps getting heavier and heavier and the long boots I bought are a hassle to put on and take off, especially in the morning when I'm almost always on a time crunch when heading out the door.

Actually, it feels like there's ALWAYS a time crunch these days (by these days I mean the past 3 or 4 years). I feel like time slips by SO fast and especially when I'm driving, I'm constantly looking at the time worrying about getting places. I used to never be late, in fact, I was the 15-minutes-early-arriver, everywhere I went. But now, I almost always am late by at least 10 minutes (except for work). And no I'm not one of those people that take 10,000 hours getting ready to go out. So, where DOES the time go??

Speaking of driving, another thing I've noticed is the radio stations. Whats the deal with them always repeating the same music OVER AND OVER? Like, they have archives of probably millions of songs, yet they repeat the same top 20 all day long. They repeat them so much that some songs which I absolutely LOVED, I've started hating them because they're so overplayed and I can sing the lyrics backwards, forwards, and upside down. And if they somehow DO decide to dig up an oldie, they play something so random and from the 80's that I have to switch off the radio before I get nauseous. (Sorry, the 80's was the yuckiest era in my opinion for fashion AND music... for the most part anyways). Sheesh.

Ok, this turned out longer than I wanted and I think you've had enough of my complaints. So, I'm going to use Constructive Attitude's ultimate phrase and end this by saying: It's [all] SOOOO annoying.

*Sorry for the poopy title, I'm REALLY bad at thinking of titles


** Also sorry for the random and unrelated photo post, like I said I'm reminiscing the good ol' summertime


Constructive Attitude said...

i agree with EVERYTHING you said. time. music. weather. my quote. everything.

the weather is killing me. my bones hurt. my posture is getting worse because of it. i promise. and i feel like im gonna be jobless sooon for some odd reason.

basically i want summer and warm weather to be here too.

Mrs. Cullen said...

i like the picture it is related cuz u were talking about weather.

Mrs. Cullen said...

i dont like ca because she didn't comment on my post. sigh

Rachel said...

I used to think about how I wish my boyfriend and I had better jobs.

Now I'm just happy we have jobs.

MarjnHomer said...

its just a yucky season that it brings everything down with it. inshallah when spring arrives (sooner, rather than later) everything will be a lot more perkier and brighter. think of winter as the season when you get to cover up more and practice more being a muslim in terms of attire and summer is just all about nakedness. lol anyways thts all

...Love said...

dude my bones hurt too. But it could be because I wasted my wonderful blessing of a snow day in the snow.

Artistic Logic said...

marj...never thought of it that way ;)

love...confession time, i have never made a snowman, had a snowball fight, or randomly played in the snow IN MY LIFE (and i grew up in a snowy state)
so is it fun?

Chuckle said...

i agree with everything too!!!! seriously i always worry about being late and exams and assignments coming up. and winter is so...snowy. and cold. and me no like this.

and i don't have winter shoes. so my feet always get either:
a. wet
b. cold
c. annoyed because they're mad at me for not keeping them warm.

Chuckle said...

and please PLEASE feel free to complain on here more often.

Cheryl said...

hahahaha i complain about these things ALL THE TIME.

Especially winter boots.