Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes we can?

Its been a long day ya'll what with all the history being made... I don't know about you but I am so tired!

As everyone knows, today was the super-hyped up Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama. I was a bit bummed to be at work through it, I really wanted to watch his oath and speech...lucky for me our IT director hooked us up!!

Sitting in a conference room at noon I, along with a dozen or so of my co-workers, watched streaming video over the internet of the much anticipated event.

I had a lot of mixed emotions. For one, I was kind of antsy to hear his words and wondered if today I would finally get a glimpse into what he REALLY has to offer. Obviously, I felt happy to be able to witness a change-over that would go down in the books/movies/documentaries. It's like one of those "Where were you when..." events that you get to tell your children and grand-children later in life. I was happy to see the previous administration go and I was happy to see a new president that was the image of change. Amidst all this weird pride/enthusiasm I felt a whole lot of uncertainty.

You see, I'm neither a die hard fan of his nor am I a "hater" (sorry couldn't think of a better word) , I just feel indifferent about him. I feel extremely happy for what his coming into power symbolizes for this country, but as THE leader, I'm not sure yet what I feel for him specifically.

So at the end of today, one thought keeps coming into my mind and that is, if I were to meet Barack Obama, what is the ONE question I would want to ask of him? And the first thing that pops into my mind is:

*Clears throat*
"Mr. Obama, I'm not sure what your statisticians told you, but I can assure you that countless Muslim Americans supported you/helped bring you to your success, and recognize you as a great potential for change. Still most of us feel we have not been a part of the demographic, nor are we mentioned in the same respect as other minority groups (Latinos, African Americans, etc.). With that in mind, what will you do for Muslim Americans in this country, i.e. how will you better our situation and help at least recognize us as minorities that are VERY much a growing part of this nation?"

Hmm I wonder what he would answer.

So tell me readers, if you were given the chance to ask the new president JUST one question, what would yours be?


Artistic Logic said...

sorry dudettes, if this pic is a repeat...i couldn't remember if I'd already posted it ...

...Love said...

I considered taking today off as a religious observance of sorts but, my mother dubbed me 'ignorant' for such an idea.

pft. history was made and I was in physics. We can make history if we carve history outloud.

Falling Up said...

My thoughts pretty much echo yours. But mine is also how and will her fix what Bush has done in terms of internatioal affairs.

I was studying for my exam..in front of the tv. That I did pretty well on. :)

Constructive Attitude said...

I think all Muslims living in America would probably ask him that question. Even Muslims OUTSIDE of America would prob ask that question too.
A lot of other questions that have probably been posed (and even answered too, but i wouldnt know because i never watch the news) are: whats he gonna do about the war in Iraq, the economy, stand on global warming.etc.

and i didnt watch history being made, because i was at work.stupid job.