Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have a lot of weird things on and in my desk drawer. My sister opened the drawer once and started making fun of me. Well, what's random for you is important for me. I guess people only expect office stuff in a desk. All my extra office stuff is stuffed under my bed or somewhere.

I'm a practical person. And a lazy one. When I'm studying I don't like getting up so much because it results in me taking very long walks around the house. I end up taking a detour to the fridge, do a little dance, etc. It's not good. So I need some important things at my desk all the time to help me stay seated. If it's not on my desk and not listed below, it's not important.

1. Water bottle. Maybe not so random. But random if the water cooler {In India we have to buy our water. Boiled water tastes gross} is 6.5 steps away. Wait..5.5. If I get water, I end up extending my journey and heading out to my sister's room. She has a fridge. Saves Lazy Girl the trip downstairs. :)

2. Deodorant. This country can get hot. Or maybe studying works up quite a sweat. Either way, when times get greasy, I don't want to have to get up and look for my Secret. :)

3. Tweezers and nail cutter. I can't study when there's a beauty emergency. Enough said. :)

4. Mirror for said beauty emergency.

5. Antibiotic ointment. In case I get cut and think I'll get some disease by one of all the bacteria I learned about last year. Med School is making me psycho.

6. Pills. Lots and lots of case studying gets to me and I want to overdose?

7. Pill cutter for the big pills. I said overdose, not choke.

8. Vo5 hair gunk. In case I feel like styling my hair while studying.

9. A trophy for my volleyball match last year. I'm not good at volleyball. People here just aren't good at all. To remind myself that I'm a winner!! Just kidding. i really have no clue why it's still here.

10. My stuffed dog. He's a tiny little guy. He has two of my other medals around his neck. We named him Robert.

11. Flashlight. For when the power goes out and I have an exam the next day. Beats candles. Candles make you hot and possible sweaty since flame + no fan. But then again, I do have the deoderant for that.

12. Many Many DVDs. In case I feel like distracting myself and failing.

Okay this study break had gone on long enough. Where do I keep my laptop? On a little stand right next to my desk. See? I don't even have to get up for that. I'm not usually this lazy, only while studying. If I didn't have exams I'd be hitting up the treadmill. Promise.


Constructive Attitude said...

wow. you have NOTHING school related. haha

Tazeen said...

pill cutter!!!

Thats the first i have heard of it

Artistic Logic said...

lol leave the rest of the goodies... but throw away those pills ;)

MarjnHomer said...

tazeen beat me to it. but i guess you learn something new every day..pill cutter..hmmmmmmm

Falling Up said...

YEAH YOU GUYS DIDN'T KNOW THEY HAVE THOSE? Saved me from choking and dying, I tell ya. I guess my doctor dad gets fun stuff like pill cutters and writing pads and calculators that check my BMI for me.

AL - I can't throw them away. Can I throw away tylenol? Multivitamins mom mom specially ordered for me because she thought India made me malnourished? Millions of antibiotics? I cannot. So I'll keep my pills. And don't worry, I have a fear of suicide. I'd never try.