Saturday, January 17, 2009

LOL @ culture. (or, "how i learned to stop worrying about the bomb by finally blogging again")

"And it is [God], Who created man from water: then from him He caused two kinds of kindred, by blood and by marriage; your Lord is all-Powerful (Qadeer)."
(Qur'an, Al-Furqan 25:54)
If kindred/relationship is created not only by blood, but also by marriage.. why should that be taken as patriarchal only? Shouldn't it be that not only is there a new kinship that a wife becomes part of her husband's family, but also that a husband becomes part of his WIFE's kin? Is this not also an equally important kinship? Is this the way of Islam or a double standard created by our patronizing cultures? MY Prophet (peace and blessings on him) would never teach this, my Prophet will recognize such relationship on the day of Judgment.. HE taught that women keep their name after marriage. So how could this verse (or rather, our cultures) suggest that it is only the man that creates the ties of relationship??

This much thought because of reading that one sentence... Heh.

Why so thought-provoking, provoking? Well.. I'm not one for giving introductions, but my family puts a lot of stress on our blood, and marrying to preserve the "blood-line." So I found something in our Holy Book that conveys an idea that blood is NOT bigger than marriage, but they are equal causes of kinship and honor. I have my proof. I'm so tired of double-standards against women.. these ideas that we have learned from old pagan traditions.

now i will go off on a tangent:

Although I quoted one verse from this surah (chapter) as an argument against marriage-for-preser
vation-of-culture, I really really want you to read the rest of Al-furqan. Do you guys often just pop open your holy book to any random page and see what it tells you? I do that a lot, especially when I just feel "bleh." I opened it to this verse, 25:54. The rest of the page is a thorough reflection of my sentiments towards God, when I connect science and spirituality. It's weirdly analogous to the way our body connects our emotions and our health. Isn't it amazing how stress affects so many of our bodily functions? Or how eating healthy and exercising releases endorphins that make us feel better?

I don't care what allopathic medicine teaches you, or what "Big pharma" markets to us, you just cannot talk about physical health without emotional health. You cannot treat one without the other; symptoms or side-effects should not be limited to "headaches, diarrhea, jaundice
, inflammation, teeth-grinding and mud butt".. but should include "restlessness, scatterbrain, frustration, hopelessness, anhedonia, paranoia, a false sense of immortality and security"
(and the latter cannot be limited by psychiatry or psychology or whatever, lol)

Just the same, you cannot talk about God as merely a "spiritual force", or the drive behind emotional depth, that feeling of Love. You cannot limit worship to the lifting of hands in prayer, the up-down-up-down movement of your joints and limbs. because God tells us in Qur'an, "The sun and the moon adhere to a fixed schedule, and the stars and the trees, all bow down (prostrate) in worship!" (Al-Rahman 55:5-6).
But the tree that is rooted and cannot move except as it resonates with the wind, the celestial sphere that is made of hot gas whose movement is only described by gravity and inertia: how can they move to bow down without limbs and motor neurons?

With that I present the definition of science, as Yours Truly sees it. Who the hell is Webster, anyway?

Science, (sns) n.
  1. the methodical study of how the universe worships God.
  2. An attempt to disguise human ignorance by using fancy words to describe the phenomenon of `ibadah (worship); especially the physical manifestation of said phenomenon.
  3. The projection of man's limitations in understanding what God already taught him.
    [Perhaps... perhaps our ignorance is compensation for having free will. Or is it a result of the definition of free will? (based on the Islamic model): free will is essentially intelectual freedom. Before you can make an actionable decision, you first make these decisions: How should I use the intangible aspect of my cerebrum? what is intelect? then, are my decisions based on intelect? i.e. intelectual capacity is necessary to have free will. caveat: intelectual capacity must be nurtured; intelectual potential demands individual accountability.]

==> [thus] We are able to define worship: "a recognition and acceptance of autonomy" where, autonomy describes the seemingly "self-governing" physical laws and biological processes.

To be continued...

I know.. real thought-heavy. sorry. I'm a geek.


Artistic Logic said...

i kind of get it...i think
you physicists...
i agree with you about the first portion of your post... i never realized what that verse said until you broke it down like that... hmm i really need to learn how to analyze things... would help me a lot in life
ironic coming from an engineer?

Falling Up said...

Interesting. Although the technicality of it all threw me off/slowed me down. lol.
welcome back to blogging :)
And I agree with AL agreeing with you. I like how you thought of it like that. Never thought of it that way.

Mrs. Cullen said...

for some reason this reminded me of harry potter and how the "pure bloods" only married "pure bloods" and they looked down upon "pure bloods" who married "half" or "mugbloods." haha. holla.

provoking invoking said...

yeah... everything should be related to harry potter. life makes more sense. (no really, totally spot on in this case).

and... this is just the way i write and i can't help it so leave me alone. GOD

AL, FU, its terrible to thing as much as me. when i wrote this (the entire thing is much longer) i was drugged up on ritalin and i couldn't stop writing and thinking. i drove myself crazy that night, and i think i hallucinated (not that i don't always talk to objects). i couldn't sleep for 2 days. its not good to have too much going on in your head.

but yeah.. give me any AYAH and i promise my tafsir will be crazier than anything every written. its true..

fuelMybrain said...

I love to share, experience, or observe when one who goes into a science field is faced with deciding how science and God are tide together or aren't....

A+ for you on your definitions, explanations, and philosophies!!!

It amazes me that only 7% of scientist believe there must be more, the intelligent design. I applaud you for applying logic to it all, and God bless your smart brain!!!

MarjnHomer said...

i liked this post and would like more of your interpretations and tasfir. that makes no sense but did you ever look at the surah, the cave in the quran?

provoking invoking said...

fuelmybrain: thanks so much for your appreciation, (and actually taking the time to think about my post =)

what you say is interesting.. i especially agree about biologists. they are simply taught evolution and it goes "everything is related to each other, therefore everything evolved from the same stuff into diverse, complex adaptive organisms" and there is no true mechanism taught behind it, no actual facts. it's entirely based on flawed deductive reasoning and yet this is people's proof that God is not needed to hold together this harmonious universe!!

in physics, its a little more perplexing when i find atheists or staunch evolutionists. because physics is not a science that quickly accepts flawed logic. we are taught from cosmology that the universe was created in an INSTANT (which is what God tells us- in the Qur'an it says "God said 'be,' and it [the universe] was.")

all the physical theories dealing with the creation of the universe and atomic physics is very complex and takes a LOT of proof, contrary to the "theory" of evolution. and at the end of it all, physicists tend to admit that "we really don't know how all this came to be."
now they are desperately trying to complete the "Grand Unification Theory" GUT which will mathematically unite all the laws and forces of physics- what's missing is the discovery of a gravitron- a force-carrying particle that explains gravity. a lot of physicists around me believe that the GUT is the best description of God- a unifying force. This concept of God has nothing to do with "how i should live a moral life" nor accountability and our desires.
Yet i know other scientists that wish to separate God from the laws of physics altogether and consider God to be related to emotions only -- which is what i refered to in my blog entry. As a spiritual person from the very beginning I see God in every little thing I study, as the explanation of every theory. But I know that God is perfection, and He has every right to tell ME how to live my life.. he is beyond "an energy force" and beyond a "spiritual force." Islam teaches that He is EVERYTHING! Glory be to Him.
I'm lucky to be studying a subject that makes me feel closer to Him..
sorry for the long comment..

MarjnHomer: Yes! and thank you JAK. it is recommended to read "the Cave" every friday, so I try my best to do that. I know its stories very well.. If you wish me to discuss a particular story or concept in that surah, I would LOVE to inshAllah

Falling Up said...

hey! I liked your comment.
you should expand and make a blog post about it. I almost missed it.

fuelMybrain said...

Here's how I view God and Science and all the great laws of the universe being hand in hand: God is bound by the laws of universe, therefore he follows them...

I do believe that emotion and logic are two very seperate things, however, I believe it is our emotions that are tied to our souls.

Thanks for your response, very well written!!!