Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Third World Curtain

So I'm sitting at my seat in the exam hall this morning and for some reason my fingers are blue and I feel icy cold. This Indian weather can really give a girl frost bite.

After a few minutes it got a little toasty and the girl in front of me was getting a lot of sun on her back. Not good when you're writing a 3 hour exam. So before the exam started she asked me to close the curtain.

The thing is, I'm pretty weak. So I got up and pulled. Nothing. I pulled again. Nada. Again. The rod and the curtain come crashing down with a bang. Now the girl in front of me has no sun on her but the girl behind me and all the people in her row are all recieving enough light to attain the perfect tan. Unfortunately everyone wants to be "fair & lovely".

I half expected to see Nelson pop out and point and laugh. He didn't show. oh, the disappointment.


Artistic Logic said...

girlll u need to eat more

Sabrina said...

Aww. That's okay. At least your whole class got a little dose of Vitamin D for the day:)

Constructive Attitude said...


at least no one laughed at you. gotten irritated with you? yes.

Falling Up said...

AL: why do I have to eat more?

Sabrina: I was thinking that, too, but it's more about the fairness. haha.

CA: I don't think irritated. They sent a guy to fix and he did in less than a minute. a few laughed but I thought it was funny, too. Normally I get realllly shy if all eyes are on me and I'm the center of attention. but it wasn't so bad. I think most of the people were too worried about the exam to notice. :)

Artistic Logic said...

u gotta eat more so u can be strong,
frail little girl lol

Cheryl said...

I've totally done that. On more than one occasion- on more than two occasions... okay, I've done it about 6 times (no kidding and in big university exam rooms too) Nothing to be embarrassed about ;)

Falling Up said...

AL: I eat plenty :)

Cheryl: I've done it soo many times here, too. but jsut not with an audience. :)