Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm supposed to say what now?

I am following suit like Falling Up and writing about myself today....or rather I'm being threatened into it as an effort to let you all connect more with the writers of this blog.

Actually, I think its a very good idea ... as long as someone else is doing the writing for this topic, not me. See, I don't even know where to start and I've been mulling over it in my mind for days. I'm afraid it'll be boring or I might just talk too much or stay stuck on one part of me forever... Anyhow... you can be the judge of how I do in the end....granted your snoring face is not plastered onto your keyboard halfway through the read... How do I start?

Well for one, I hate introductions and I am the most awkward person in the room (at work or school or anywhere) when people say "Lets introduce ourselves!". Lets not.

I am a hugely disappointed yet extremely proud student, 5 classes away from becoming an engineer. Yay! Disappointed because there are days when I don't have the slightest idea WHY i even wanted to get into this... and proud because not too many people make it TO engineering let alone THROUGH it. It's a rough ride though, I used to be a "mostly" A's student in high school until I decided to enroll myself into Mechanical Engineering. See, I wanted to challenge myself (what an idiot); I still make decent grades and THAT my friends is the challenge that I signed up for.

I wanted to design cars and work on them and I'm especially fascinated with engines. Once in a while I would get the typical inquiry from someone I met "What are you going to work on as a Mech. Engineer?" My answer was always to be an automotive designer but I'd add in "who knows I might be designing refrigerators for a living..."

So ironic that the other day while sitting in my 4x4 cubicle at my HVAC engineering job, I realized that designing "refrigerators" is essentially what I do. (I don't feel like explaining what HVAC is but I linked here anyway in case you're really bored). Don't feel sorry for me though, I don't hate my job... I just occasionally fall asleep at my desk.

Moving on... here's what I wished I could be: an architect and interior designer. Always wanted to be, always drawn to it... just didn't find the right opportunity... yet.

Oh THIS one you already may know, I take pictures... of anything and everything.

I grew up here n there... was born in Pakistan yes thats next to Afghanistan and India, our famous neighbors. My childhood was spent mostly there and partly in Saudi Arabia. I've been in Michigan since 1993.

I'm telling you, if you want the best roasted chicken in the world...stop by Al-Beek Restaurant in Jeddah, SA. Thats the most vivid memory I have of the country.

Here's where I would add in some fun little fact about me... but I have none. I hate what's going on in the world right now and that seems to occupy most of my thoughts these days.

I hate the weather here....especially this winter... seems like we just have dump trucks of snow falling on us, then a whole buncha sunshine for a day to melt it all way... and then another dumping. Guess it keeps us on our toes. I daydream about spring and sunflowers, seriously.

I wish I lived on a sunny, tropical island everyday of my life. *sigh*

The End.

If you haven't checked out Falling Up's introduction to the blogging world, then please's way more entertaining than mine.


Falling Up said...


Heehee. And if you delete this comment I'll write a post about it. el oh el. I am so funny..

Anyways, I am very very proud of you. She topped her finals.

AL is seriosuly one of the most thoughtful, caring person I know. If she was a boy I would marry her. She knows how to make me feel better and is sensitive, caring, sweet person. she takes awesome pics. She's going to be my photographer at my wedding. Annnd she's always dressed up with all the right accessories. :)

And everyone talks about that chicken in Jeddah.

oh yeah. And she's so fiiine. :)

Falling Up said...

so many grammar mistakes. i got carried way.

*one of the most....PEOPLE.

Chuckle said...

you left so much out! you forgot to mention that your so freakin talented! you're like a manly girly girl.

that doesn't sound right...what i mean is you're feminine (girly, know how to cook and clean and your artistic) yet you know how to do stuff men do (like fix fridges, know things about cars, probably know how to change a flat tire). and your a neat freak. :)
you're an oxymoron!

and you're funny. and nice.

Autism Mom said...

Hmm, I got an engineering degree, and I also questioned why in the world I got into it most of the way through college. I've mostly not used my degree at all, but that is mainly due to life getting in the way. :) Twins with autism are a bit much to handle sometimes.

I hope that you enjoy your field and find fulfilling work! If not, you've probably learned tons of neat stuff that you can use as a hobby (and to impress people with- a girl engineer! wow! yes, it is annoying, but you get used to it...).

Nice pos!

Constructive Attitude said...

you WILL become an architect one day.inshallah it's like my biggest dream for you...and your biggest dream for yourself. obviously.

Mrs. Cullen said...

interesting. i learned some new stuff about u. and not boring, promise. its interesting how u like cars and care about engines. u are cool.

*mary* said...

No, not boring at all. Also added you as Flickr contact. Awesome photos!

Artistic Logic said...

thanks to all of you who liked this post!
falling up- thanks for embarrassing me as well lol... yes i was val. but i never had a 4.0 hence the reason i wrote mostly A's ....and im not sure about ALL that but thanks for all the compliments...hehe

chuckle- i lost my manliness wen i met falling up and your sister...*sigh* lol... unfortunately i don't know how to change a flat ... =\

Autism Mom - great to see another engineer ! I love hearing from our kind, especially the females =)... and being a mom is #1 always so hats off to you for your must be hard but rewarding as well!! thanks for stopping by =)

CA - ill call you when it happens ;)

Mrs. C - whew... im glad you weren't bored...your posts are always fun =)

mary - thank you, i found you on my flickr ... thanks for the add and appreciating the pics =)