Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moms, Dances, and Archaeology

I don't know how many of you guys watched "Superstars of Dance", or even heard about it. But basically it was this dance off between a couple different countries: USA, china, India, Australia etc. and the dance performances were given points.

And something, something, something...I didn't really follow the show (dancing isn't exactly my all), but I appreciated it for trying to raise some world unity.
I caught a couple of the dances (some were pretty dang amazing) and there's one that I rewinded and re-watched like 5 times, because it blew me away, and I was a bit more excited than usual that day.

It was a dance by the American team, called the Groovaloos..and it was soo cool. So check the video I posted for you guys, because I'm so nice.

In other news-I lost my cellphone for a year
(actually it was like 30 hours, but you know what it feels like to temporarily lose a hand)
and I couldn't find it anywhere. And I was convinced I had somehow dumped it with the laundry in one of the machines (washer, dryer, my mom's room, to be folded) but I was too scared to look there (my cellphone, broken more than it already was)
and I looked everywhere else I could think of (Everywhere else in my house)
for months (an hour here and there).

Luckily I have my mom,

"Mom I REALLY REALLY ROYALLY need my cellphone. Can you find it for me?"
"Oh I completely forgot about it. Ok I'll try"

I go out, and come back 40 minutes later. My cellphone is sitting in the middle of my bed, and my room looks a little more disheveled than usual. Seriously people, thank GOD, for moms. They are like miracle workers.
I mean they have to be to put up with people like me (She actually managed to find it in my room... MY ROOM, which also substitutes as an archaeological site)...It's crazy I tell ya. CRAZY.


Constructive Attitude said...

I mean this group groovaloos was ok. but i think the jabbawockeez guys are so much better.

Artistic Logic said...

i liked their dance a lot, it was so ...mechanical lol

oh and it was so funny that one time CA and you were talking:

CA: can i see your ...umm
you: what
CA: room
you: NO!
CA: ok

lol ok it didn't sound funny there but it was funny in person

Mrs. Cullen said...

omg it was in ur room the whole time? ur an idiot (as CA would say). anyways, i never sent that link u emailed me. umm its not my kinda thing. i watched some of it and it was boring. yawn. anyways. i am happy for moms.

yay for my mom who doesn't get mad at the end of the month when she sees i've been using her credit card to pay off my credit card bill. yaya (inshallah that keeps on going foreverrr)

MarjnHomer said...

lol at least your phone was found in your room. my fil lost his for like a week or so and it ended being in my kids baby bag. we (in the village) never knew how it ended up there. and there was sooooooo much speculation that someone stole it. congrats on finding it again

...Love said...

I was totally watching that avid till I realized it was 10 mins long...

that and that I saw it the day it aired and was pissed there were no belly dancers.

Chuckle said...

lol A.L.
it was funny! but i bet it was funnier in person. hahahahaha

moms are amazing. theyre superheroes.