Thursday, January 22, 2009

We CAN Do it!

I found this in the newspaper today. It was originally created by Marriott (the Hotel people).

You can't abolish slavery.

You can't build a railroad from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

You can't give women the right to vote.

You can't fly an airplane from New York to Paris.

You can't defeat Nazi Germany.

You can't devise a plan to rebuild war-ravaged Europe.

You can't cure polio.

You can't allow black children and white children to go to school together.

You can't put a man on the moon.

You can't beat the Russians in hockey.

You can't help bring down the Berlin Wall.

YOu can't map the human genome.

You can't elect a black man President of the United States.

What's next America?

Because whatever it is, the answer is
YES, WE CAN!!!!!!!!


Cheryl said...

This is awesome.
It makes me want to make an effort to be nice to my communist neighbors.

maybe tomorrow.

Artistic Logic said...

that's interesting
why would they write all that though, i didn't understand that part

Mrs. Cullen said...