Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary Blogosphere!!!

Hey everyone!!

Today marks the 2
nd anniversary of the existence of Symphonic Discord. I'm sure a lot of people didnt think we would last this long. Ahem....I had full faith in us though. Just saying....

So here we are. 2 years in the making and still going strong. Kinda.

All praise to the Almighty.

Anyways, just to give you some background information, Controlled Chaos founded Symphonic Discord on this exact date back in 2008. She started this blog to counteract the stereotypes that are associated with Islam and Muslims by giving an insight to the lives of typical Muslim girls, through their thoughts, opinions, and stories.

We've had some people come and go, had our fair share of ups and downs, and disagreements and celebrations here at SD.

And in celebration of our two year anniversary, I just wanted to share some of
my favorite posts from our authors:

Controlled Chaos':What? Cuz you never do anything embarrassing?!

Falling Up: Kids peeing and me touching it

Snake Charmer: A Profile in...something

Mrs. Cullen:Mrs. Cullen: The Mother

Simply Me (Somebody out there):COEXIST

Journalist (Somebody out there):It's blazing

Youthful Wisdom:Words of the Week


Constructive Attitude (That's me!): Wifey duties 101

With that said, thanks to all of our followers for keeping us going and thank you to all our loyal commentators, we truly appreciate
everyone's support. And here's to another successful year!!! InshaAllah.

Hopefully through the years we can continue to uphold our purpose of this blog is and in doing so also continue to make the world a bit more open-minded with our Symphonic Discord!


BubbliMuslima said...

yaaay congrats u guys, i just found ur blog a couple days ago, but its awesome soo far :)

BubbliMuslima said...

yaaay congrats u guys, i just found ur blog a couple days ago, but its awesome soo far :)

Sadiyah said...

congratz your blog is the best place for a good laugh lol

Falling Up said...

Yay for SD. :)

Falling Up said...

Yay for SD. :)

Kate said...

Congratulations on the milestone, what a great one!! Many hopes for many more years!!

Sulthana said...

congratulations and well done! I think your blog is doing a fabulous job of meeting your objective :) All the best for the many more years to come!

Madame Lefty said...

Congratulations girls!