Monday, June 28, 2010

In Your Face

While walking out of the library I spotted two men and a woman in conversation. She sounded upset but I couldn't tell because she was talking low. As we got closer I guessed she was probably trying not to make a scene by yelling at one of the men in front of everyone.

And then

*Slapppp* across his face.

So much for not making a scene.

He didn't do anything. He just looked down and took it. I had to see who this woman was. She was older than him. Maybe his mother or sister, I couldn't tell. I turned to have a look at her face because if she was younger than him or his wife, he would probably gone all "Gurrrrl, I'm gonna CUT you" on her. Well that's my opinion, based off my observations here in the third world.

Anyways the point of my post was SHE SLAPPED HIM! I've never ever seen anyone slap anyone in the face ever. I got all ooh-drama-what-now/scared/sad/happy he didn't hit her back. I always wondered how it would feel to slap someone. Is that bad? Well, I'm a weakling so if I did it would probably tickle the person or something. Oh, I know, it doesn't matter how it feels, it's the principle of it. You just don't slap people in the face unless it's serious.

My friend wondered how it would feel, too.

Her: *Brother* come here for a minute.
Him: Yes, my dear older sister who I love so much and would do any-
Her: *slappp*
Him: Owwwww. *grabbing cheek* Why!??
Her: Sorry...I just wanted to know how it'd feel. Let me get you some ice.

True story.


Simply me said...



Ive tried to slap someone before (when I was younger and I don't know why...I think they might have hit me first?) and I too am a weakling so my slap wasn't effective at all.

Constructive Attitude said...


oh and i have to tell you my slapping story (i think i already did, but ill tell you it again)

Jaz said...

In public is a bit too far..

Girl On A Journey said...

Lol I'm afraid if I try this my brother might try to strangle me

Kate said...

Wow...what a public display. I've only seen kids do it to each other. I had a student this year who slapped the Vice that takes nerve. I didn't see it, but would have paid money to for the reason of cringing in embarrassment from seeing it and also for the "oh no you didn't" moment too.

AL said...

ur soooooo funny . i always dream of slapping/ppunching people and it takes SO much effort and then it feels like i just hit them with a feather (im not violent i just sometimes have dreams im trying to escape or defend myself against someone)

Purple Pyro said...

Haha! That was so cruel to the little brother! But a legitimate way of researching these things. What else are they good for?
And I'd like to think that I'm big enough to ignore a dramatic situation like that, but let's face it, I'd be stood gawping with my mouth open and a random box of popcorn that just happened to materialise out of nowhere.
Exciting stuff!

MaryAnne said...

"..gone all "Gurrrrl, I'm gonna CUT you" on her."

Baha ha ha ha ha hah OMG you kill me