Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicken Parmesan

I really like cooking. It's fun. And delicious. :) I got this recipe off a Cooking Light magazine back in the day. I can't remember exact measurements, but this recipe allows for variation. I don't know if this even the right recipe. BUT I've been making it this way since I lost the recipe and it's pretty darn good. It's simple, too. I like cooking based off estimation rather than exact measurements. I like tasting and adding or fixing as I go alone.

  1. Pasta. Any type. Spaghetti is good here. I think that's Penne in the picture?
  2. 2 Chicken breast halves
  3. Seasoned bread crumbs
  4. Parmesan cheese
  5. Flour
  6. An egg white or two
  7. Some sort of sauce. Spaghetti or marinara, etc. Preferably tomato based.
  1. Boil the pasta as per cooking directions on the box.
  2. Pound the chicken breast a little bit, especially if it's really fat. Once we got a really thick one. Ugh. So I had to slice it in half to make it thinner. Anyways pound away. Make sure you cover the chicken in plastic. I don't like raw chicken directly touching stuff.
  3. Put the flour on a plate. Estimate how much you'll need to cover however many breasts you're using.
  4. Put the egg whites on another plate.
  5. Put the bread crumb and Parmesan crumbs on a third plate. I don't know how much of each I use. But I found that grated Parmesan works much better than shredded. More bread crumbs than Parmesan? Maybe 2 parts bread crumbs to one part Parmesan.
  6. Dip the chicken in flour and cover completely. Then in the egg whites. And then the bread crumbs. Make sure you get it covered all over. You can even repeat this step if you wish.
  7. Fry it. Shallow fry. I use very, very little oil and it still tastes good. Cook all of the chicken.
  8. Now it's time to assemble. Put the pasta in a serving dish. Put however much sauce you want on top. A lot is good. Then top with chicken breasts. You can put the breast on there as is or you can slice it and arrange it on the pasta. Put more sauce on top. Top with cheese. Parmesan or mix it with mozzarella like how I did in the picture. Whatever floats your boat.
  9. Broil it until the cheese is melted, bubbly and brown if you wish.
  10. Enjoy. :)


Constructive Attitude said...


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Which companies have halal parmesan cheese? I can only find ones with pork.

Falling Up said...

I believe the name is Calbot. They sell it at Sam's Club/Costco. Costco actually has a lot of Kosher stuff so you might want to check there for other brands, too. Annnd There's Sargento. I don't know of any other brands.

C said...

Thanks :)

Heckety said...

Its after my own heart you are! Your instructions and ingredients really made me laugh- I really can't be bothered with all that measuring and exact stuff! My family tell me off for saying 'ish' at the end of every cooking direction...ie. 1 spoonfulish, or 2shakesish, or whatever! Life's too short for being pernickety!!

Falling Up said...

C: actually it might be Cabot? Idk it's one of the two.

Heckety: It's the only way I know how to cook! Even when I am following specific directions I'll end up adjusting to taste and adding things that I think will go. :)

βe said...

Urg, I hate cooking.

I had to make cookies for Cooking Prac at school today and I burnt mine but they looked really brown and tasty and my friend's was all pale so I paid her out about it until I realised mine were burnt

supreem said...

that looks so yummy