Sunday, June 27, 2010


We all have things that piss us off. Here are mine:

1. Slobs: Messy is okay. As long as your stuff is all clean. Occasionally. But dirty is a whole other story. We can't be friends. Sorry.

2. When I'm having a conversation with someone and a third person comes along and starts talking to me mid-conversation. It's different if there's something important that needs to be said. But if they repeatedly call my name and poke and prod me until I go, "WHAT!?" And they're like, "Look! I have ten fingers!" then I get annoyed.

3. Hair in the drain: *barf* I brush my hair before showering to get any loose strands out. I can't even stand my own hair in the drain.

4. Canceled plans: Story of my life. *sigh* Which is why when I try not to make plans. Everyone is so busy. Ugh. So winging it is way better.

5. People who take things, use them, break them and act like they don't know what you're talking about. MEAN. This has become a recent pet peeve.

I can't think of other stuff that bothers me as much as these five. I'm sure I have quirks that drive people crazy. Like meowing. IDK why I meow. But I'm Italian, now, after PI informed me that Italian cats go "Miao".  Share some of yours. :)

Images taken from We Heart It And and I love this one:


MarjnHomer said...

the story of my life is never doing stuff I planned on the weekend. i got so annoyed by it yesterday that I refused to talk to anyone...want to do something later on? (no joke)

Jaz said...

Totally agree on the dirty one, I can't stand dirtiness I'm so obsessive about it.

Constructive Attitude said...

hahahaha. i always loved that last pic. "if your heart was broken..." one. SO TRUE!

Soda and Candy said...

heehee, love the mean girls!

I miaow too, because I've always had cats and I found out they like it when you copy their miaows back to them.

Madame Lefty said...

I'm gonna use the broken heart on my kids. Now as for the annoying things canceled plans or thwarted plans is very annoying. Between work, church, sleep, and everything else I make sure to plan out just what and when I'm doing it. So to have it all go up in smoke drives me nuts.

PI said...

oh lol thanks for this. and your miao is sexy.. (no huomo)

i try to brush my hair before showering too but i forget sometimes. i feel like that about hair, especially when it falls on ur feet! so bleh. but khair.

and im the same with planning. so much effort for nothing.

when i see a cat outside i feel like miao-ing at it but i feel like cats are too smart they'll be like "what a poser" so im too shy to try to talk to them. they are gorgeous here.. i donno maybe its the fact that a lot of the cats just live outside on their own but dont look dirty, well taken care of by the city?. they are so cute.

also, my roomate and i LOVELOVE the broken heart pic. thanks

Saya said...

Hahahahahaha. That last picture is brilliant.

I'd add the peeve of lending books to people IN GOOD FAITH and then them blowing you off for the next five years when ALL YOU WANT is your goddamn books back. And it's people like that that made me decide never ever EVER everevereverEVERRRR to lend my books to people EVER again.

Also, salaams, let's be friends! Because I really like the concept of your blog, we all love Slice of Lemon, and the world is too big :D

MaryAnne said...

OMG so I have to tell you that I started cracking up at about #3 thinking: "This girl better NEVER have kids then!"...

But then I got thinking... it's just training for you to learn tolerance before you have kids.

I stopped buying myself nice things about 3 years into parenthood, there's NO point!!!

Simply me said...

My pet peeve is people who always complain + backbite on facebook. and just backbiting in general

Girl On A Journey said...

LOL so agree with the hair in the drain thing, its just disgusting. I hate picking my own hair up

Falling Up said...

MarjnHomer & Madame Lefty: It makes me annoyed enough to cry if plans don't work out soemtimes. *sigh*

Jaz: I became Danny Tanner from Full House over the past few months.

CA: I know me, too! This is the first time I came across it.

Soda and Candy & PI:I miao but don't have a cat. does that make me weird? lol.

Saya: Yeah, this may sound selfish but don't tell people you have books. lol. It hasn't happened to me before but I'd definitely start pretending I was getting them from the library instead. ANd yesss, let's be friends. :)

MaryAnne: No kids, no thanks!! Not now, at least. I hope I'm a little more tolerant of my own though.

Simply Me: Oh, yeah. OR people who put up their own gossip & drama on fb and then cry about everyone being nosy and knowing everything about them. lol.

Girl On A Journey: OMG just thinking about it is getting me nauseous again.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I hate people who don't understand the meaning of the word conversation. They talk only about them and never ask a question.

I also hate the person who over schedules things. If we make plans, show up, don't come late because you were just leaving another place and then leave early to move onto your next friend appointment.

provoking invoking said...

lol @ the facebook drama thing. so true..

here's a fun fact i learned from a girl who worked at a hair salon: hair is a natural pesticide. so if you take a bunch of human hair (that was cut off or fell off) and sprinkle it around your plants and vegetables, NO animals or insects will come near it. so you don't need any chemicals to prevent the rabbits from eating your tomatoes and stuff :) lol.. this proves that animals also think hair is disgusting. but if its neatly cut hair i guess i'm down with trying it someday when i have a garden again.

anyway, when you have kids i think it triggers some natural change in you and you don't care about THEIR poop and dirtyness. oxytocin i guess? you'll do great..

Mark said...

You know your life is going great when these are the annoyances that you experience. Thanks for reminding us of how good we have it.

Falling Up said...

Little Ms Blogger: Sadly, when I visit that's how my plans work out. All the parties and stuff fall on the same day. But I don't double/triple book events with different people on the same day. I feel like rushing doesn't allow for bonding and catching up.

PI -Wow how did you know that? lol. I'll try it out if I ever get around to growing my own vegetable garden, of which I want to so badly. I was thinking about you yest and how we should go to Farmers Market in the D.

Mark: That's a great way too look at it. I could be having much bigger problems, but no, these are my worries. Thank God for that. :)

provoking invoking said...

yes to eastern farmers market! i look forward to doing that with you. i miss detroit.

and i told you lol, a girl who used to cut hair for a living told me about it.. thats what she did with all the hair that falls on the floor.. and all you ahve to do is wash off some hair before you eat it. hehe.

Kate said...

My pet peeve are people that don't do their jobs and people who don't like people who take but don't mind taking more than their fair share.

AL said...

i love u!

i agree with most of them!