Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"He brings forth the living from the dead and brings forth the dead from the living" (30:19), Fainting Spells

My mother-in-law was trying to catch my 8-month-old baby as I was passing him to her. He jumped a little. She reached out (too quickly?) and she felt a sharp pain in her upper right arm.

I was about to take her to the doctor. I called my mom to borrow her car.

My mother-in-law passed out.

I called 911.

Her eyes rolled back and she turned pale. I thought she was dying.

She was sitting on a kitchen chair. The stove was on. It was hot.

Suddenly she started taking a few hard breaths. She regained consciousness. Color began to fill in her pale face.

I put water on her head. She opened her eyes slowly.

My sister-in-laws and I carried her to her room, turned on the AC (which I just turned off a few minutes before), turned on a fan and wiped her face with a wet napkin. I put water on her head.

She had tears rolling down her face as we asked her if she was okay. She muttered some prayers.

Four of her five sons rushed home from work. The neighbors opened their doors, windows and some walked inside our 2-floor flat.

The EMT crew checked her out. Her arm stung.

They said she was okay.

I thought she was dying a few moments ago.

She held onto her arm.

We decided to take her to the emergency room.

She held onto her arm.

The doctors said she must have been stressed out. It may have been an emotional response.

All because - she reached out to save my son.


Constructive Attitude said...

oh, i hope shes ok! iA

Constructive Attitude said...

please keep us updated.

Amira said...

Subhanallah. Inshallah she is ok.

AL said...

inshallah she gets well soon

Mark said...

Life is fragile ... glad you were there for her. Blessing to the both of you.

Falling Up said...

I hope she's doing better, isA

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, I hope all is well! Hope she is experiencing a speedy recovery!

MaryAnne said...

That is really strange that she kept grabbing her arm.

Hope all is well in her speedy recovery.

somebody out there said...

Thanks for all the wishes, blessings and prayers.

My mother-in-law is home from the hospital :)