Thursday, December 25, 2008

My day on Christmas Eve

I remember always making it a point to everyone that I would NEVER eat sushi.
I mean its raw meat! That's disgusting!!

Food is meant to be cooked! (At least meat is )
That's why the caveman (or woman) invented FIRE ! I mean the poor guy (or lady) went through all that trouble of accidentally igniting fire and realizing that food tasted BETTER when it was cooked. And here we are, trying to go back to the times of raw edibles.


And everyone's always talking about sushi. About how they love sushi, or it's their favorite food and its mentioned a couple thousand times in random books . And everytime I would wonder if the fact that it had raw meat just skipped past everyone.

Many, many, many years later(like a year ago), I'm told there's also cooked sushi. So I did some research about it couple months ago and found out it 's called "California Roll", and it was basically an American invention, because the thought of raw meat didn't sit well with American culture (which I really don't see, I mean everyone loves the infamous sushi).

Then a couple weeks ago, I'm starting to crave the taste of sushi. I've never tried it before, but something about the way a couple of my friends talked about it just triggered some random taste buds; and I really wanted to eat sushi-and I could, since America gave birth to the great "California Roll". The problem was getting sushi.

Lo and Behold! Kroger superstore to the rescue! Seriously Kroger is AMAZING (if you don't have one in your local neighborhood.....well you should). They're getting all high-tech/advanced now with their latest installments of a sushi bar, salad and soup bars and other freshly made food items and Much, Much More.

Anyways, so taking advantage of the fact that today(christmas eve) is my older brother's birthday I decided to gift him with Sushi from Kroger. You have no idea how excited I was looking at the little, colorful trays of sushi, and then carefully picking out the best looking California Roll and Vegetarian tray. Of course I knew he would have to share the sushi with us immediately after opening it. So I just had to give it to him right before dinner. Which I did.

As a self-proclaimed partial genius, of course my plan worked out perfectly. I just had to stop him from putting his sushi away in the fridge, and
forced him to share it.

So there I was, happily staring at my little circular balls of rice. I even yelled out Itadakimasu ( a japanese saying before a meal-roughly like saying bon appétit)-convinced this was the closest I was ever going to get to Japan. Dipping it in the sauce that was given with the sushi, I popped it into my mouth and


Mother: What's wrong with you?! Don't be disrespectful towards food! That's very unIslamic.
Brother #2: Apparently you either love it or hate it. I think it's really good
Birthday Brother: What are you talking about? It's really good
Me (completely, but not purposely ignoring my mother): OMG! Get the taste out! Get it out of my mouth! Blech Blech! Eww waaaaaaahhh
Brother #2: If you don't want it, I'll take it.

Reaches over to grab the other sushi off my plate
I see my brother reaching over and pop the other one into my mouth

Brother #2: Hey! I thought you said you hated it!
Me: Waaaaaaahhhh. I couldn't help it, it was a reflex! Blech. This is so Nas....ahhh
It's cuz you guys always eat my food! Ahhh get the taste out my mouth!
(If this doesn't make any sense to you, it will if you have brothers that are substitutes for garbage disposals and you have to develop a self-defensive reflex for all the food that disappears off your plate, whether or not you want it to. Not to mention I didn't wanna miss taking the risk of maybe the next one tasting better)

So that was it, my horrible sushi experience. Apparently it was because I used the sauce and no one else did. Yeah, Ok.
But for the record, I am sorry for making rude commentary about it. I was just the taste..... of the sauce?

And I'm not the only weird one in my family if that's what you're thinking. I screwed up making the cake for my birthday brother, and so some parts of it didn't have icing. Not a big deal right?

I see my brother eating a piece of cake and he gets up to get some water. On his way he throws away the rest of the piece he was eating

Me: HEY! What the heck! What did you just throw away?
Birthday Brother: It was a small piece of the cake
Birthday Brother: Oh, because it didn't have any icing on it.
Me: Are you freakin kidding me?
Brother #3 (a.k.a. C): hahaha Oooooh you're gonna go to hell. God's gonna ask you on the day of judgement* why you wasted food, and THAT'S what you're gonna say??!! hahaha

So that was my day on Christmas Eve. If you're confused why we weren't spending the time at Church or a big family dinner, it's because Muslims don't celebrate Christmas. So the biggest affect Christmas Eve has on my family usually----having to deal with a closed Kroger.

*Day of Judgment: According to Islamic belief (and most other monotheistic religions) , this is the day we are all resurrected from the dead and judged for our actions and given accounts of all our good and bad deeds.


Constructive Attitude said...

ha ha. I think your brothers are hilarious.

And Ughhhhhhhh. sushi IS gross. Cooked or uncooked,I think its disgusting.

(p.s. nice job tying in Islam :))

Mrs. Cullen said...

haha ur so lame. i love sushi. i love it. the sauce is probably what ruined the taste. i usually add soy sauce. did you have wasabi? the green stuff? yukkie. ok bye.

Artistic Logic said...

disgusting yo. i hate sushi... n shrimp... n seafood....

Falling Up said...

I haven't tried it and don't want to. Suchi is becoming the enw thing in India, too. I see forzen suchi things imported from God knows where in the grocery stores.

I used to like shrimp but it's starting to make me nauseaus. The only fish i love is the breaded unhealthy processed fish that comes from the stores.

Jennifer said...

Oh man--I love sushi! One of my fave things in the world to eat. In fact--that was what I had for Christmas dinner!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH, Your funny.