Monday, December 8, 2008

I think there's something wrong with me

So finals are coming up and I am oddly not stressed. Whatever I got this, i'm taking International relations and Chinese- so yeah finals aren't that bad. But what is sort of driving me crazy is that for the past 4 days i've been fantasizing about baking these delicious butter cakes (butter cupcakes), with a buttercream frosting and I swear everytime I make up my mind to do it, something comes up. So you might ask, what's the problem you'll get to it when you get to it? Well it's bigger than just baking these cupcakes, I don't know if any of you noticed but i've gone on hiatus from politics- and for me that was my drug I mean I literally got off on reading up on the politics of the day and then reading up on the commentary of the politics of the day! I know, sad. But I think I burnt myself out with this past campaign- seriously for 22 months I knew exactly what was going on, who it was going on with, and if it would work. Now, i'm just like GET AWAY FROM ME!

So you can see my problem now is I have no idea what to do with myself. I mean I have hobbies and stuff but it's like I need my politics fix, but the idea that I need to read the news makes me think that I should wean myself off of it. So I guess i'm just going through some sort of withdrawal at the moment- which involves lots and lots of baking! Sorry if this made nooooo sense what so ever but I did have an eventual point for this post, Walnut Raisin Rice! (lol).

I love rice, and I love to snack- so I thought why not find a rice/snack recipe?? So I did, and it is yummmy and oh so simple.

Cooked long grain rice - 2 cups, I used Basmati
Walnuts - a big handful
Raisins - 2 tbsp
Olive oil - 1 tbsp
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Salt - about 1 tsp

Put the walnuts in a zip lock bag and crush them lightly using a rolling pin. Place the crushed walnuts in a pan and toast on medium heat till they are slightly browned. Be careful not to burn the nuts. When the nuts are done, add all remaining ingredients to the pan and mix well. You could use any combination of nuts and dried fruit, like pine nuts and cranberries for example and it would still turn out scrumptious :-D


Constructive Attitude said...

I think after a little while, you'll get back to your daily political fix. Obviously you're sick of it now because you were constantly reading up on it for twenty two months.That would drive anyone crazy!!!

But trust me, you'll get back to it..
eventually. just give it time.

And also I was gonna say something else bu i totally forgot.

Mrs. Cullen said...


Artistic Logic said...

theres this afghani rice my mom makes and we have it with roasted chicken.... yum
except there are raisins in it too... n i hate that part.... otherwise its yum

Jennifer said...

Ooh--that sounds delicious! I love the combo of raisins and rice!

Constructive Attitude said...

ughhhhhh. i hate raisins. =/

*mary* said...

Sounds like you have Post-Presidential Campaign Depression. Yep. Well, that is what I call it, and I have it too! It's exhausting and addictive to keep up with everything while it's happening, and then it's done and you realize just HOW much of your time was spent doing so. Baking is good for political withdrawals, and you'll better in no time!

MiMi said...

Hi there. I wanted to thank controlled chaos for stopping by my blog and commenting on my cat's picture. I like your blog. Very different and quite refreshing to read. I'm going to keep checking in with you. I like the snack recipe too! Thanks again for stopping by.

MarjnHomer said...

nothing's wrong with you. you are just going thru withdrawal mode. you'll get over it but it takes time so don't rush it..

fuelMybrain said...

I wonder if it had to do with ignoring the possible freaking out of finals... well, atleast that's what I did. I decided instead of studying I'd bake 13 gingerbread houses and invite a crapload of kids over to decorate them. I figured there'd be NO way I could think about school with a house full of sugar intoxicated crazed midgets.