Monday, December 29, 2008

Thoughts on change-(not the money kind)

I thought I should share this with our readers.
Simply Me, one of our authors, who doesn't write but nevertheless for some reason holds the title of an author, got married on Saturday.

Some of the authors on this blog and myself have all been really good friends with Simply Me for five years now, since Freshman year of undergrad. So the wedding was a an extremely bitter-sweet occasion, even though she's gonna be with us for another semester.

The wedding was a reminder to all of us. The time we spent with each other, learning to be better people or gaining a fashion sense, our useless jokes, getting high off of each others' stupidity, taking turns crying during finals, and sometimes seven of us relying on a single person for class notes of an entire semester (usually it's me, relying on Simply Me for everything concerning our classes... it worked in the end..usually)-this was all coming to an end, and fast.

The fact that we knew S.M. was moving away later was the painful part of the wedding. Even though it was later, we already felt like we were losing her-after all, a major part of her has changed. Some of us shed tears, others occupied themselves with things during the wedding, and others were just purely happy. It's not just S.M. that we know will be moving on, it's most of us-going away for grad school, or starting their careers or whatever else fate has in store for us.

Maybe it's not so much that things are changing, or life is changing, but more of us, people, changing.

Everyone goes through those points where their lives are changing, and they might be losing those who are dear to them, and it's easy to slip into a sulking mode or become overcome by the fear that change will bring to our lives. Like how I was terrified of entering high school, and then again when I was starting college (but both did turn out to be good experiences).

So, we have two options when it comes to the changes in our life-taking it positively or looking at it negatively. Either way we know change is inevitable and change is never comfortable. And whether or not you want to accept it, life is still changing. So the only thing you can do is accept it, and turn it around for yourself. All because change is inevitable does not mean you don't have at least some control over it.

"The way some thing never changes shines a light on the things that do. Like when a new person comes into the hospital to stay or an old friend leaves for good.
Sometimes the biggest changes are the result of an impulsive decision.
And so here I am, a guy in an empty apartment, with a dead dog. And no that's not a tear on my cheek, that's just from a leak in my ceiling. And yes, change is scary but it's also inevitable. And so it's up to you to make the best of it. "
JD - Scrubs
( I just love Scrubs)

Only problem is, it's easier said than done. Hey, but if things were easy, it really wouldn't be much of a life. Just an easy one. Who's ever heard of that?

Wanted to share a picture of Simply Me's cake table :)


Artistic Logic said...

la la la la la im not listening

you're SO annoying

Falling Up said...

I wish I could have made it.

Change is sad but it helps you grow in many many different ways. I think the more you accept change the easier it is to cope with it and things don't seem so bad or so different.

Artistic Logic said...

^ true

fuelMybrain said...

Before you know it you'll all be getting together and have a bunch of mini-you's (kids) running around... that's when it gets weird!
Congrats to the bride on the wedding and a new journey!