Friday, December 12, 2008

Girls, just play dead !!!!!

So I found this video that I think is cute, funny and sheds light on a very serious issue.

Fine, it's not that serious of an issue but it could be!

Basically without any of us realizing it, Disney has been teaching us how to get a man from a very early age.
I mean, I guess I would want to thank Disney for helping us all out with this highly imperative task. I mean all these years, and women are still looking to magazines for help on how to catch the man of their dreams (.....or at least some of us are) and Disney movies were like our training wheels.

For those of you who missed out on your training wheels or need a refresher course, or just a cause to march to Washington (or Orlando) about, have I found the thing for you!
I discovered this ingenious video on How to make a guy like you-Disney Princess Style !



Constructive Attitude said...

hahaha. this is pure genious yo!

I loved the ending where it said: "If you hate animals,or are a bad singer,or are bad at sewing, some of these steps may not be for you..."

I'm all of the above. hahaha. (Ok I dont hate animals, but I'm not too fond of them)

And the one where it says "Make him feel like an idiot" was probably the best suggestion that they had.

Awesome post yo!

Mrs. Cullen said...

this is halarious! i loved it. it was a wonderful break from studying. My favorite was when they were all like "OHH"

Mrs. Cullen said...

ps i can't wait to try these out! hopefully it works

MarjnHomer said...

this was the best...check out disney couples. i dont wanna miss a thing...hilarious!

Artistic Logic said...

tehehehe....i always carry glass slippers in my back pocket... doesn't everyone?

Anonymous said...

IT NEVER LOADS!!! Maybe it's not meant to be ;(

*mary* said...

Yeah, people have caught on to Disney's secret message. My niece is in an after school program called Goodbye Cinderella or something like that. Haha. Yeah, it is designed to counter the message/ myth of Prince Charming coming to take you away from it all, etcetera.
Personally, I could never get into Disney movies. WAY too happy and chirpy for my blood.

Falling Up said...

who knew getting a guy was so simple. I could have saved years of my life if I saw this video before. :)

fuelMybrain said...

Ladies, it is just that simple! I used all these steps. Oh, but step #3 comes after you've hooked the guy and married him (pretend like you're dead - forget faking a headache). ha ha ha

Great post, I love youtube