Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Med School Diaries: The Lockout

It was 9:45 AM and I just finished climbing the stairs to the room opposite the exam hall. Something tells me I should check to see if the Head of Department of ENT is there, so I take a quick peep into the exam hall. He's sitting there with a bored expression on his face. I know him well enough to not keep him waiting, even though everyone else is. So my sister and I go and sit in the hall and wait for the exam to commence.

As soon as I sit down I hear him tell the attender to shut the doors. He starts reading the exam questions out loud and tells us to write them down. I was confused because there were only about 30-40 of us in the room. I turn around behind me after the dictation and see about 70 students waiting outside trying to get past the glass doors. It was such a sorry sight. I know who missed the exam. These are people who work their butts off and probably didn't sleep at all the night before while I passed out at two.

I really felt bad. I thought he'd let them in after half an hour or an hour. But no. I walked out of the exam two hours later and it was sooo depressing. I'd hate to be in that position. I lucked out big time. I think only a third of my class was able to take the exam.

It was sad but really funny at the same time. Just humorous in that SO MANY students got locked out and I kept looking back and they were standing there for sooo long outside waiting, hoping for a sign. They got one. The Head got up, walked out to them, yelled a bit and told them to go home.

But I didn't get away without some scratches. He's deducting five marks from all but four students who took the exam for not coming "on time". He started the exam early!! How can he do that? This is India. And these are the crazies in it.


Mrs. Cullen said...

HAHA you said "marks" instead of "points" HAHA
anyways, good for you. i agree thats its funny. i would've walked past all those kids, pointed, and laughed.


Anonymous said...

Oh maaaaan I'd be so depressed!!!!

Snake Charmer said...


Artistic Logic said...

thats med school for u

Constructive Attitude said...

OMG.he started teh exam EARLY!?!?!?

poor kids. i feel so bad for them.

Falling Up said...

If that were me I would have started bawling.

And yes, I did say marks. I'm Indian now. Everyone loves an Indian girl ;)

Well he was sent someone to tell everyone to get into the hall mroe than a few times and no one listened and I don't know why. But I guess he got pissed off and did that? I have no clue. I came late but at least I got to take it.

And CA - He has the same last name as you. =0

Artistic Logic said...

CA's gonna do that to her students hahahaha

i say marks sometimes lol

Mrs. Cullen said...

fobs say marks! oh he must be from where CA is from. EW.

Falling Up said...

I am officially a fobby bobby and I don't mind. :)

And I bet you CA and Q Sir {boater to say sir, I know} are related. and maybe even bff.

Constructive Attitude said...

u guys are weird.

get a life.

and im pretty SURE he doesnt spell it the same way as me. therefore we are not related. or bffs.

Falling Up said...

same last name + same profession {doctors do have to teach} = BFF!!!

fuelMybrain said...

I would cry... however, I am one of those students who can't stand the others who don't shut up after the professor has asked repeatedly. Sounds like he gave them fair warning.

Good job on being on time, I'm sure the others will never be late again!