Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dance Around the World

To those of you who care (which is probably no one) I am sidetracking from my usual Student Teaching post..

Currently all of us Symphonic-discord authors are overwhelmed and stressed to the max with upcoming finals and presentations and papers and endless last minute assignments that professors like to torture us with. How we are going to survive the next two weeks, I have no idea.

Most of us get depressed. Some have anxiety attacks. And I want to say all of us even shed a tear or two (million).

It gets that crazy around finals and exam time.


One way I relieve stress is by watching the following video that my sister shared with me. It's a video called "Where the Hell is Matt?". It was put together by a couple of people. And it's about a guy named Matt who traveled to 42 countries in 14 months. And he takes (or someone else does, I think) a video of himself dancing in each place he's visited. It's so cute to watch. So yeah, just watch you know what I'm talking about it.

(I hope everyone hasn't watched it already. Because I always end up being the last one to watch these youtube videos.)

So when I'm down in the dumps and freaking out about my final portfolio presentation or exams, I watch this.

(But it also makes me envious of Matt, because he's been to 42 freaking countries!!!)

(And I love the song too. It's called "Praan", or "Stream of Life". But I have no idea what they are saying. Even though, I think its in my native language: Bengali/Bangla)

It always, ALWAYS makes me smile though. :)

Anyways, hope it brings a smile to your face too.

Please keep us all in your prayers during these torturous two weeks.


minerva1822 said...

The video is hilarious!..i wish i could hear the sound but alas, my speakers are being still brought a smile to my face kinda reminds me of disney sing and dance along from way back in the day..i know that sounds thank you for the comment on my page...hope your not so stressed out

Mrs. Cullen said...

the india part was so cute. no surprise there though. indians are so genius and creative. anyways, i'm so stressed i've been trying to plan out the next 3 years of my life. its not looking good. LKJSAFLKJSDFKJFKLJDKLFJD HELP ME

Anonymous said...

Everything except the one in India looks fake. It's really cute but I dont believe its real! He looks the same in every shot (which could mean he was wearing the same thing to stay consistent) BUT did you see the one where he's dancing in the water? Doesnt look real to me! lol

Anonymous said...

jk I know its real. the song doesnt sound bangla at all! it sounds so european! i caught on when I heard THUMAR SHAATHEH blalalalalal

Jennifer said...

I have seen that video before--but it's always ggod to see it again!

...Love said...

Ok I know about this. Don't you know he's getting PAID millions to now go around and dance, I'm guessing it's because his simple dance brings joy to everyone.

We can all learn something from the simple things in life..but rarely do we take the time as he has to fulfill it.

Artistic Logic said...

hmm theres an even better video out there
its freakin HILARIOUS
pls watch it

Snake Charmer said...

hahha this is funny each and every time i watch it :D