Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sisterly Love

My youngest sister and I got into a fight today. This is nothing new. Nor will it ever get old.

I have four sisters (and one brother), and for as long as I can remember, we've always gotten into really stupid, idiotic, and pointless fights.

Just like all sisters do, I'm sure.

Today's fight was over who would clean the upstairs- part of the house, and who wouldn't. Youngest sister, Fish, insisted that I do it. I didnt agree, so I hit her with a bag. She retaliated by throwing apple juice at me.

One time my oldest sister, Marjnhomer, and I were playing Monopoly. I think while playing it I was the "banker" or something and was supposed to distribute the money. She found out I was giving myself more money. She got mad at that. And at the fact that I was obviously winning. So she started shouting at me.And had the audacity to call me a cheater! I told her the game was getting boring and got up to leave. And I couldnt stop laughing at her. Like I was seriously laughing hysterically at her and the fact that she had to put all the monopoly pieces back in the box. All by herself. And I was just going to watch her do it. She wasnt too pleased with being laughed at, so she attacked me. And we started fighting.

And remember K.Ci and Jojo? And their song "Crazy". Well a long time ago, sister # 2, Chuckle, accussed me of being obsessed with them and their song. I have never been, nor will I ever be, obsessed with K-Ci and Jojo. Sure their one hit wonder was pretty good, but other than that, I dont care much for them. I got irritated with her saying that and started shrieking that I wasn't. Anyways one thing led to another and the next thing I know, we're trying to kill each other. I think I grabbed her hair first. I always go for the hair.

Hair pulling has usually been my tactic.(Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm such a girl. Get over it.)

Of course, they have tactics of their own though.

Once Chuckle pulled the chair out from under me and I fell. Hard. And I was extremely embarrased. So, I punched her in the nose after that.

She also threw an OPEN bottle of syrup at me, another time.

It took me a LONG time to get that syrup out of my hair.

And another time, Muth, my second to youngest sister, threw a battery at me.

<----That kind of battery. I acted fast though. I was like George Bush when the shoes came flying at him. She missed and broke my mom's china cabinet instead. I would much rather have had the battery hit me in the face, then deal with my mother's wrath. Hell hath no fury, like a mom scorned.

Another time, Muth kicked me. Kicked me in the mouth.

The result of this: I have a chipped front tooth.

We're not violent people though. I swear. And I can prove it.

My sisters' latest tactic: Hugs.

This is probably their best tactic thus far, because I'm not much of a hugger. Dont really like hugs. Especially from them.

You see how this will work to their advantage?


Artistic Logic said...

u guys are crazy
ur almost like boys
my sister and i hav arguments but
we never really got into a physical fight

this is insane... lol
and since when are you not a hugger?

The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

yep, don't care how cold it is-- I love me some ice cream! And don't worry, my sister and I fight A LOT!

Jennifer said...

Wow--you've been in some wild fights w/ your sisters!!

I hate it when my sister and I get in fights over dumb things...

Mrs. Cullen said...

honestly i LOL while reading this. this reminds me so much of me fighting with my brother and sister. i TOTALLY understand you are not violent, promise. because even though my sister and i tied my brother to his bed when he was about 7, even though i chased him around the dining room table with a knife in my hand, even though i threw shoes at him many times, and even though i slapped my sister in the face at kinkos when i was in high school..I promise, I am not violent either=)

Lori said...

Hi :) Thanks for stopping by :)
Hope you are having a great day!!

Falling Up said...

omg..So violent. haha.

You're sooo funny. My sister and I fight but not THAt badly.

I didn't know you had a chipped tooth? I do, too, but you can see where it chipped off, even after fixing it.

fuelMybrain said...

OH my! My older sister and I never fought that bad, just name calling. Oh wait, and chasing around the house with the butcher knife (never came close to making contact - it was a scare tactic only... kinda creepy now that I write it :-/

Cute post, stick with the hugs!!!