Saturday, September 27, 2008

Uh..because I wanted to

I wanted to take the time to recommend this singer that I came across a while ago but was just reintroduced to recently (well really I was just bored and decided to put his album on), Yoriyos. If any of you are familiar with Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), it's his son. And his music is like the indie version of his father. Well actually thats a bit misleading since Yoriyos doesn't, to my knowledge, do nasheeds (religious songs), his songs are more conscious-ness based. Below I have included a video he made last year it's pretty interesting so check him out!

PS on an unrelated note: Obama, his wife, Biden, his wife, will be at the Detroit Public Library on Sunday. Doors open at 11 am if anyone's interested. It's a free event! Try and make it! It should be pretty tight :)


Constructive Attitude said...

i like it! his video is interesting and reminds me of nightmare before, the way it was drawn or whatever..
is his son muslim?

Anonymous said...

I like the video!! its so creative. his songs pretty cooool tooooooooooooo

Snake Charmer said...

yeah he's muslim his name's muhammad he actually wrote this beautiful song called la illaha illAllah it's pretty cool