Monday, September 8, 2008

Hidden Beauty

I've had a bad couple of days and I can't seem to get out of this funk. I feel like I'm always complaining on this blog. Oh well. I think I'll just write whatever comes to mind and hopefully that'll help.. :D

This world is balanced. Or it's supposed to be, anyways. So for every bad thing that happens, just as much good will come of it? Even if I can't see it? "God is Beautiful and loves beauty." This hadith {saying of the prophet Muhammad Peace & blessings be upon him} came to mind today. I'm not in a position to interpret anything since I don't have the knowledge nor the qualifications; but I think I'll put in my own two cents about this to make me feel better. So God is beautiful and loves beauty, huh? Does this mean that everything from God is beautiful?

A test from God could be beautiful because God tests the ones He loves. And He is elevating you in His eyes. A punishment could also be beautiful because it's expiating your sins. Or it's making you stronger. In the end it'll help you achieve the ultimate goal {which should be Paradise/Heaven}, therefore it is beautiful..? The gifts from God are beautiful, too. The gift of our senses and basically anything good that happens to us. The gift of choice, freedom and happiness for most of us. That's beautiful. There is so much beauty in the world. It definitely outweighs the bad. I think theres hidden beauty in the bad. but to see that beauty it all depends on how we handle it.

So these tests/yucky things that happen to us..are they there to balance the beauty? Because there has to be good and bad everywhere? hmm. And if the world was void of bad stuff, it would be heaven? Or it would be a really easy test and tests are supposed to be hard. This life is a test so there has to be bad and good to test us with. Liiike how we act when we are being tried: do we remain patient and seek God for help or do we handle it the bad way? If we are going through really good times do we remember to thank God or do we forget Him, only to rememeber Him when tragedy strikes yet again?

Tragedy strikes. Now I'm thinking of Titanic. They said even God couldn't sink that ship. And He did. Such a beautiful ship filled with beautiful things and maybe even beautiful people. but they challenged God and it ended in tradegy.

Now I'm thinking of the Prophet Muhammad {peace and blessings be upon him} He was the most amazing man I have ever read about. The trials he went through would make anyone weep. When he visited the city of Ta'if he was treated worse than an animal. That was bad. But how did he deal with it? Angel Gabriel came to him and told him that he will crush the city if the Prophet Muhammad wished. Did he? Nope. He just did a little prayer for that city and it's people in hopes that they'll one day become Muslim. And they did. {please correct me if I don't have my facts straight, but I think this did happen with Ta'if}

And I think about how much this beautiful man went through. And then My mind goes to this hadith where Aisha, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad, would see her husband night after night standing in prayer with his legs swollen and maybe even bleeding. She asked him, "Hasn't Allah forgiven you all your past and future sins?" And he would reply, "Shall I not be a thankful slave?"

After all we go through, remember that there is always beauty there, always a reason to keep thanking God and going to Him. There's too much beauty around us for it to go unthanked for {or however one would say that}, no matter what situation we are in. God is Beautiful and loves beauty. We should handle everything beautifully. God would love it if we did.

This did help me. yay :)

Your thoughts?

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Constructive Attitude said...

I this kinda relates to what you're saying. Yesterday I had a really crappy day.And I think it had alot to do with how my morning started off with me being in a really negative mood. So today I had to go through similar things that I went through yesterday, but I was really happy and being optimistic instead, and alhamdullilah, my day went well and i was just in a pleasant mood and couldnt be any happier.