Monday, September 29, 2008

Med school diaries: Labcoat Dilemma

I lost my old one in the radiology department. It fit me perfectly. The company's name was Barco. I can't believe I remember it. Actually I can since it was such a good coat, I can see myself at one point in our relationship thinking, "You are such a good labcoat I wonder who made you?" I think I sound really obsessive right now. But I can't help it. It was so nice and white and pretty. I got so many compliments on it. Yes, it was that good. I got a stain on it and spent TWO HOURS bleaching it and cleaning it. THAT is how much I loved my labcoat. My beautiful white lab coat, or "apron" as they call it here, stood out amongst the rest. A diamond in the rough. And now it's gone! I wonder who stole it. We asked the Radiology department and they didn't see it. I feel so bad for my coat...all alone and lost in the world. I really wanted to cry when I lost it. WHO WOULD STEAL A RANDOM LABCOAT? Seriously. Who would spot a labcoat lying on the back of a plastic chair in the corner of a room, pick it up, inspect it and decide to take it??

*sighs* So I ordered a new one and this is a size bigger because the dumb site didn't have any in my size. It came with my dad and I tried it on as soon as I saw it. I look ridiculous. I won't be wearing this. It looked fine on the model but not on me because of the ill fit. The material isn't as nice as my old one. *SIIIGHS* Now I need to get a tailor and get it altered.

I'm out. I should be studying instead of writing about a labcoat.

{edit} Y'know...since Symphonic Discord started up I've wanted to keep another blog aside. I've made two so far and keep deleting them because I feel like posting on here. So I'm sharing my med school experiences here because I feel like I'm cheating on this blog by having another one on the side. lol. O.o {/edit}


Artistic Logic said...

haha silly face...ur getting your coat tailored... lol
fun stuff =)

provoking invoking said...

you are adorable. MA i love you. UGHH i think about you too much. and i totally understand how you feel. somehow!

Constructive Attitude said...

Lol. your so silly. i cant believe you're getting it altered. that is hilarious.

and i agree about cheating on symphonic discord if you make another blog ;)

Mrs. Cullen said...

i loved ur post

Jamie said...

I can't believe someone stole it :(